January 2021 Book Review Recap

January 2021 Reviews


Let It Be by Marie Force

A story of how parents Lincoln and Molly first met interwoven with present day

#LetItBe #MarieForce #FamilySaga #ButlerVermontSeries @marieforceauthor




The Perfect Guests by Emma Rous

A chilling, twisted thriller where a family seems to live in an isolated bubble at in their family home of Raven Hall. There are complex relationships, family secrets, and intriguing mind games are played for years.

@emmarousauthor #ThePerfectGuests #Mystery #Suspense




Jilted by Azaaa Davis

A suspenseful & steamy shifter romance novella Theresa is such a fun character to read about. She’s a social media celebrity and so into herself. She would be annoying to me in real life but hilarious to read about.

#Paranormal #Novella #FantasyRomance #Shifter #Jilted #NeverMarryAShifterSeries @azaaa.davis




The Trapped Daughter by Jay Kerk

From the beginning I was intrigued by Belle’s situation. What makes a father hold his daughter captive and subdues her with pills? The puzzle is full of twists which the author has the reasoning hidden through layers until the ending.

@authorjaykerk #psychologicalthriller #TheTrappedDaughter


The Trapped Daughter


Fatal Accusation by Marie Force

Sam has to solve a high-profile murder case hitting close to the White House. Nick’s stress is escalating with calls for the president to resign and Nick to take over. @MarieForce #FatalAccusation #FatalSeries #MarieForce #RomanticSuspense




Candace’s Playful Pup by Candace Cameron Bure

This is a great book to read before a family gets a new fur-ever friend. It will lay out what to expect in a positive way. The illustrations are adorable.

#AdoptAPetBook #Candace’sPlayfulPup @candacebure #childrensbook




A Hometown Proposal by CJ Carmichael

A story of moving on and of a family reconnecting. The Shannon Sisters series has been enjoyable series centering around 3 sisters as they each find their HEA. There is also a mystery that plays out throughout the series and comes to conclusion.

#AHometownProposal #TheShannonSistersSeries @cj_carmichael




Fatal Fraud by Marie Force

Sam is tracking down the murderer of a woman who has committed fraud against those closest to her. Nick shines in his role dad role and makes a major decision regarding his political career.

#FatalFraud #FatalSeries #MarieForce #RomanticSuspense #DomesticThriller






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