This week I dropped my firstborn off at college to start her freshman year. We spent weeks buying dorm and college stuff. We packed up the vehicle, and headed off to North Carolina. Big changes for her and her family she left behind. We unloaded her stuff, set up the bed, moved some furniture, had some lunch, a quick Target shopping trip, and finally hugs and kisses see-you-laters.  I’m proud of myself for not breaking down. No tears shed. So far, so good. So, so sad not to have her around everyday but she is ready for this, happy about this, and confident. What more could I want. This is my child that was such a shy little girl. Who cried EVERY day of PreK for over 4 months. Full of anxiety. My smart little girl who graduated Valedictorian. Who confidently, got up and gave her speech with more words than she probably spoke the entire 4 years at high school. Who enters college in the top 10 percent of the freshman class. She will do wonderfully that I know, and if she stumbles, she stumbles.  I left her with a goodie box of snacks, a Starbuck’s gift card, and the following letter.


This is it! Your big move. I’m beyond proud of you, happy for you, and sad for me J Some words for you – Have fun. Enjoy every moment. No one knows you here and there are no pre-judgements or expectations. Okay-I expect you to graduate. But be the YOU you want  to be and are. Be selfish. Take risk – well safe risks. You’re smart and you have a good head on your shoulders. You know right from wrong. Don’t be pressured to do something you don’t want to do. But don’t be afraid to try something you really want to. Everyone makes mistakes and they make them all thru life. Just learn from them.

From your drinking Mommo –

  1. Don’t let those tiny jello cups fool you – they’re not dessert and they will knock you on your butt.
  2. Don’t ever take an open bottle or cup from anyone.
  3. Drink too much of anything and you will puke your guts out.
  4. Always drink plenty of water.

*The above doesn’t give my permission to drink, not yet, but just to keep in mind J

Be aware of your surroundings, your friends, and of yourself. Don’t forget your pepper spray; walk with a buddy. I would prefer you not to walk by yourself at night… Use the campus police escort – you pay for it in your tuition. Break out of your comfort zone every once in a while and do something that’s scary.

While it’s hard for me to watch you go and fly, you’ll soar that I know. You are always welcome to come home whenever you want. You picked a fantastic college to go to and a great location. Succeed so you won’t have to come back here to live after college– this part of Maryland is not the environment for you.  Enjoy yourself and most of all –

Call your Mommo every once in awhile.

Love you!


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