Book Review: Together Evermore by Jemma Ryken



Together Evermore by Jemma Ryken

An Entangled Fates novel

eXtasy Books, Inc (June 27, 2020)

Contemporary Romance/New Adult/Romantic Suspense


Everyone has secrets.

Claramae Howards is no exception. Her secret is seven years old and starting to ask about his dad—the love she could never get over. Pursuing her love of art brings her a world of surprise and heartache…otherwise known as Julian’s father.

Reid Nyte gave up his heart for a chance at the Majors, but a shattered knee sends his future down the drain. Now he’s taken over the family business, putting him on a path back to Claramae.

Not everyone is happy that the old flames have found their way to each other again, and dormant threats turn deadly. Claramae and Reid struggle to work through their past while protecting their present and building a future.

Fate brought the couple back together, but will the threats looming over them tear them apart forever?







“I’ve spent the last seven years trying and failing to get over you.”

Together Evermore is the debut novel by Jemma Ryken. It’s a steamy, second chance , secret child, small town romance with some suspense and drama. I think it’s a very realistic new adult book. They curse in normal conversation and weed is used freely. The author herself, admits she’s a pothead and has given her characters the same vice. I love her statement: “I’m not a wine mom, I’m a weed mom.” Your drinking is her smoking.  So if cursing or weed use will offend you, this maybe isn’t for you. Definitely a different reading vibe for me but I enjoyed it and I think those really into New/Young Adults will relate and enjoy this read. I very start for this new author-keep writing!

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (December 28. 2020)

ARC provided by author



Jemma Ryken began her voyage into writing at a young age. She is often found with her nose in a book or her head in the clouds. Having discovered that she is more in love with the idea of love, she dove head first into the romance genre. After taking courses in journalism she came to the realization that writing about soul mates and unbridled desire is her purpose.

In her spare time, Jemma can be found on the ice with a hockey stick in her hand, binge- watching the next series from her thoroughly cultivated list, or singing along to an expansive array of music. She leads a simple and wonderful life as a mother to a very curious little boy and has lived in Ontario, Canada her whole life.


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