Book Review: The Celiac Disease Diet Plan by Jamie Feit


The Celiac Disease Diet Plan by Jamie Feit, MS RD

Your Guide to a Healthy Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Rockridge Press (March 10, 2020)

Gluten-free Diet/Rheumatic Diseases/Allergies/Cookbook



Embrace your gluten-free lifestyle with this complete celiac disease diet plan

Unlike typical gluten-free cookbooks, The Celiac Disease Diet Plan is specifically designed for people living with celiac disease. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have already made the transition to a gluten-free diet, this comprehensive book will help you better understand your condition―and give you the necessary know-how to lead a happy, healthy, gluten-free life.

Featuring dozens of quick, easy recipes, this essential celiac disease diet plan will meet all of your needs, providing helpful tips for stocking your pantry, advice for traveling and eating at restaurants, and an easy-to-follow two-week meal plan to jump-start your gluten-free diet. Cook with confidence!

The Celiac Disease Diet Plan includes:

  • 65 Delicious gluten-free recipes―Dive into your gluten-free diet with a sample two-week meal plan, comprising tasty dishes throughout the book.
  • Celiac facts―Gain a better understanding of celiac disease with a detailed overview of the science, the symptoms, related conditions, diagnostic tests, and more.
  • Gluten-proofing guide―Learn how to gluten-proof your kitchen, prevent cross-contamination, scan food labels for gluten, and make your own gluten-free flours and crusts.

Living gluten-free can be carefree with this complete celiac disease diet plan.

Recipes include Mediterranean Egg Cups, Honey Teriyaki Chicken Wings, Rosemary-Crusted Lamb, Chipotle Fish Tacos, Turkey Meatball and Kale Soup, and Pecan Squares.





An informative book on celiac disease and what to eat, what to avoid, how to set up your kitchen, and products which are gluten-free. There is a two-week meal plan. Clear and easy to follow recipes. Recipes are divided in Breakfast, Soups/Salads/Sides, Meatless Mains, Fish and Seafood, Poultry and Meat, and Dessert. Very useful is the master list of safe and unsafe ingredients. In-depth guide on Celiac Disease and gluten-free lifestyle.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (March 18, 2020)

ARC provided by publisher/Callisto Publishing Club



FEITJamie Feit is a registered dietitian who teaches busy moms how to prepare healthy food that their families will enjoy, without spending hours in the kitchen. With a Masters Degree in clinical nutrition from New York University, Jamie’s been helping her patients meet their nutrition goals for over 20 years.

Jamie is a mom of four girls and lives in Westchester, New York with her husband, the girls, and their very large Bernedoodle.

Jamie’s worked with the prestigious Mount Sinai Medical Center, Blythedale Children’s Hospital, and Westmed. She now runs her private practice in New York. Jamie opened her private practice after her youngest was diagnosed with celiac disease. It is her mission to teach families how to have positive relationships with food and model healthy habits to raise healthy kids even with a nutrition parameter like celiac disease.

Jamie was recently featured on the podcasts, “Moms Are We There Yet”, “Woman Are the Journey” and “Let My People Eat”. She has also had an article published in Thrive Global.




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