Release Blitz: Veil of Mists by Diana Marik

Veil of Mists by Diana Marik

Seven Deadly Veils, Book 2

March 21, 2017





Deception surrounds with a thin veil of mist.

The highly intriguing The Seven Deadly Veils series returns with book 2, Veil of Mists. Miranda finds herself tangled up in Vampire Business when Valadon sends her to Paris knowing that the European Vampires are plotting to take ValCorp from him. While she has been warned by others to stay clear of Vivienna, the Madame Lord of Paris, she finds herself snagged and toyed with the Madame Lord herself. Remare has his hands full while he tries to ensure her safety and fight his growing desire for her all the while trying to maintain his distance and keep his loyalty to Valadon.  Veil of Mists is full of interesting characters, multiple plots/storylines, has deception running rapid, and twists and turns. The love triangle of Valadon, Miranda, and Remare continues as Miranda tries to keep her distance from Valadon, while her attraction with Remare grows too intense for them to deny even with the knowledge of a fallout from Valadon. Trouble is coming as old friends and old enemies make moves that put Valcorps future in danger. I am obsessed with this series. Diana Marik has created a high intensity series that grabs you and doesn’t let go. Veil of Mists is a “meaty” read; meaning there’s a lot to it, a lot to take in, multiple characters, some with multiple personas. There is breath holding suspense, high intense action, and hot steamy sex. The humans, vampires, and weres lives are woven together so well and written in such a way that I truly believe that they exist today. A fantastic read that captures my full attention.



Miranda Crescent, an art authenticator, travels to Paris to procure a rare Degas painting for New York’s High Lord Vampire, Valadon. Unaware, she’s being used to lure his enemies into the open, Miranda will garner an invitation to the home of one of the most notorious vampires in all of Europe, Vivienna, who has become fascinated with Valadon’s love interest. Miranda soon learns Vivienna has knowledge of the vampire elders who are conspiring against Lord Valadon and will try to attain the information for the darkly handsome lord, but Vivienna is no easy prey. She has lived for centuries and enjoys a good game of cat and mouse. Years ago, she was the paramour of Remare and Valadon until she betrayed them both—a decision she has long regretted. Will she now offer assistance to Valadon—or is history set to repeat itself? Meanwhile, Remare, Valadon’s second, will use all his resources to track down the traitor who tried to have his friend and lord murdered. Once betrayed by the beautiful Vivienna, he has sworn never to let himself love another, yet his feelings for Valadon’s would-be lover, Miranda, are becoming harder to deny. He soon realizes his quarry is in Paris, and enemies long silent will surface once again to threaten what Remare holds most precious. After Miranda nearly died at the hands of his enemies, he has sworn never to endanger her life and will stop at nothing to keep her protected. Even if it means defying the High Lord.






815rbw7e3hl-_ux250_ Diana Marik is the author of the romantic urban fantasy series, The Seven Deadly Veils. She grew up in New York City and has her MA in English literature from Hofstra University. A history buff, Diana loves discovering museums in whatever city she happens to be visiting. Her favorite spots to visit are in the American Southwest, but she considers New Orleans her home away from home. Diana is currently at work on her latest installment of the Veilverse. Be sure to check out her website








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