Book Review: Childhood Obesity: Superfood Spike and The Fart of Junkfood Jimmy by Sharon Cooper

Childhood Obesity: Superfood Spike and The Fart of Junkfood Jimmy by Sharon Cooper

December 17, 2016

Children/Health/Diet & Nutrition



A useful book to raise awareness on healthy eating for all kids, not just obese ones. It’s packed with facts and presented in an interesting and funny way without being preachy. My main thought for this book is “fun”; it has fun illustrations, fun characters and fun names, fun words like The Big Belly Bloater Breakfast Bonanza and kids will find the Super Fart hysterical. Included at the end are some healthy recipes. Recommend for children, parents, and childhood educators.


A layer of bun, a rasher of bacon, a slab of cheese. A layer of bun, fried egg, slice of sausage, and another layer of bun – then add the burger, and pile on the sauce. Now repeat that three times and what do you get? The Big Belly Bloater Breakfast Bonanza! Sound gross? Well, it is – but that doesn’t stop Junkfood Jimmy from eating it every day! And it doesn’t stop Jimmy’s best pal’s Spike and Julie from trying to persuade him that eating too much junk food is not good for you. But does Jimmy listen? Well, what do you think? And does Jimmy get any fatter? Well, as the old saying goes, “pigs might fly…”! Which is exactly what happens to Jimmy one fine morning when things don’t go quite to plan in the Magic Meadow community garden…! * Superfood Spike and The Fart of Junkfood Jimmy is the first in a series of hilarious children’s adventures that aim to raise awareness about healthy eating in a fun and engaging way. Featuring lovable characters Spike the Superfood Scarecrow, Julie the Gym Nut, Recycling Ronnie, and Junkfood Jimmy, the fun-filled stories also come with 6 handy health facts and 6 delicious “superfood” recipes for the whole family to enjoy. In today’s world where obesity is becoming a bigger and bigger issue, and ‘Junkfood versus Superfood’ a heavyweight contest in the arena of health and well-being, Superfood Spike and his friends are just what we need to bring the topic to the family table in a palatable and tasty way!



Sharon Cooper is a mother of two, business owner and published author. Her first book The Superfood Gardener was released in November 2010 and was endorsed by The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute as an excellent resource for anyone wishing to take control of their health. The Superfood Spike children’s series was inspired by the scarecrow logo located throughout The Superfood Gardener and also her two wonderful children who probe to be somewhat challenging when it comes to food Helping parents educate their children about the importance of healthy eating through storytelling is at the core of Sharon’s passion. Sharon believers making Children laugh in a sometimes-challenging world is the “icing on the cake” for her.

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