Book Review: State of Grace by Marie Force


State of Grace by Marie Force

First Family Series, Book 2

HTJB, Inc (Dec 21, 2021)

Political Saga



Christmas at the White House Wouldn’t Be Complete Without a Murder or Two…

The holiday season is under way in Washington, D.C., but Metro Police Lieutenant Sam Holland is busier than ever as she contends with the murder of a well-liked wife, mother and businesswoman found bound, gagged and dead for quite some time inside her minivan, miles from her home. Who could’ve wanted her dead badly enough to make her suffer for days before she died? Sam is determined to close the vexing case before a much-needed vacation with her family, but the universe has other ideas when a second murder—this one someone she knows—has her wondering if the vacation is going to happen.

Meanwhile, Sam’s husband, President Nick Cappuano, deals with the first national tragedy on his watch, forcing him on the record on a contentious issue as he fills the role of comforter-in-chief to a nation reeling from another senseless act of violence. All the while, a custody battle for the twins he and Sam took in after their parents’ murder is looming, casting a dark cloud over everything this holiday season. With chaos swirling all around them, will Sam and Nick be able to pull off a big family Christmas at the White House?

As always, Sam and Nick turn to each other for comfort in the storm that is their life together. Join Sam, Nick, Scotty, Elijah, Aubrey, Alden and Skippy, the First Dog, as they celebrate a Christmas like no other.



State of Grace – Marie Force



“Don’t eff with President Cappuano or his family”

Book 2 of the First Family series, a spinoff of the popular Fatal Series, has Sam and Nick still processing their change in status – the President of the US and the First Lady. Sam and Nick are front and center as they find comfort in each other in trying times. Sam has two murders to solve, Nick is running the US, and they have a custody fight on their hands. Their large group of family members and friends join them in celebrating the holiday season. A standout is Sam and her partner, Freddie, whose relationship gives some comic relief as well as lends Sam support which keeps her sane through all her changes in life. A very satisfying read with a “bomb” of an ending.

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The First Family Series

Sam and Nick’s journey continues with a change of address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the the First Family Series, a continuation of their story that began with the Fatal Series.  All the things you love best about the Fatal Series will be coming with us into the new First Family Series, only there’ll be some added focus on Nick’s job (not too much—I promise) in addition to Sam’s job, which she’ll continue, despite an enormous uproar. There’ll be glamour and international intrigue and all sorts of amazing things to come All the characters you love in the Fatal Series will remain on the landscape, albeit some of them in new and different roles, but everyone will remain present.


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