Book Review: Coming to Call by Carmen Cook

Coming to Call by Carmen Cook

Sapphire Creek Short Story

40 pages

April 13, 2021

Contemporary Short Reads/Small Town Romance


Karen Ward’s adult children have informed her she needs a life. In fact, they think she needs to date. And she’s starting to agree with them. So when they set her up with Sapphire Creek’s newest confirmed bachelor, Johnnie, she agrees, hoping he’ll be just the guy to pull her out of her self-imposed isolation.

Johnnie Simeneau has been content to live his life for his job. But that’s before he moved to Sapphire Creek and saw Karen Ward. The sexy sixty-year-old catches his heart and won’t let go, something he’s never experienced before.

Now that she’s agreed to their not-so-blind date, he’s determined to turn on the charm and prove what they’ve got is worth taking a chance on—so long as their pasts don’t derail their future.






I really enjoyed this romance featuring “seasoned” characters. Both have had previous relationships and each have some baggage. Neither have given their time to relationships in quite a while. A smooth read that was realistic. Carmen has created a wonderful small-town series that is centered around a group of friends and family and I look forward to more books.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (March 11, 2021)

ARC provided by author




Carmen Cook fell in love with reading when her parents told her she could stay up thirty minutes past bedtime if she was reading. From then on she’s been sleep deprived with a book nearby. When her imagination started warring with the words on the page she started writing her own books.

When not behind a keyboard, Carmen chases her sons and husband around the football and soccer fields while trying to avoid the Pacific Northwest rain. She loves connecting with other authors and readers with her Revenge Garden Readings on IGTV each week. #ReadingFromTheRevengeGarden

Visit her website, to sign up for her newsletter and keep up with everything that’s happening in Carmen’s world.



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