Book Review: Poems for Little Creatures from the Very Big Wood series by Anne Marie Brown



Poems for Little Creatures from the Very Big Wood series

Written by Anne Marie Brown

Foxy Moxy

Goodnight Little Owlet

Hazel’s First Winter

March 2021

0-6 years




Foxy Moxy

Farrah Fox is a STEM-obsessed, inventive fox who struggles with the fear of failure.

Join Farrah for a conversation with her mama, where she learns that “no creature is perfect in all of the wood, and failure is learning – the world’s built on “could.”





Goodnight Little Owlet

A bedtime ritual book that helps your little one be present in their body by focusing on their senses (hear the starlings sing, count their breaths, nestle with the reader).

Snuggle in with Little Owlet and Mommy Owl as they say goodnight to the world around them, and that they can be the change they want to see in the world.




Hazel’s First Winter

Little ones often struggle with change and feeling out of control of the world around them.

Hazel is a bear who was born in the spring, and is experiencing her first change of seasons.

Discuss how change is a natural part of life with your little one as you follow Hazel’s emotional journey from fear of the change around her to wonder at the very first, magical snowfall of the year.





Little Creatures from the Very Big Wood series is a wonderful collection. The author has brought rhyming back to children’s books. The stories, in poem form, are engaging and will appeal to both the child and the reader. The illustrations are fabulous as the really reflect the emotions of the characters. Each story conveys life messages to little ones. For teachers/child care providers, I can imagine a curriculum built around these books.

All three make perfect additions to a child’s library and will become a keepsake.

Foxy Moxy – Farrah fox deals with fear and acceptance of failure.

Goodnight Little Owlet – provides early learning concepts, senses, participation, counting, ritual. A soothing read!

Hazel’s First Winter – Hazel experiences the changing of season & nature which is part of life.

NOTE: I read the board book copies. I’m a believer of children having the book in hand. These are wonderfully illustrated that I highly recommend investing in these in print. The author has these available on her website (listed below) and will even sign them!


Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (April 1, 2021)

I was provided with board book copies of the series by the author. Simple adorable.




Anne Marie is a poet, entrepreneur, and the mother of two little ones – Jack and Malia. She wrote these books during late night feedings with her babies with the hope of passing on these life lessons to her kids, and other little creatures around the world.

Anne Marie lives in Denver, Colorado where she, her husband, and kids spend their time hiking, skiing, and juggling a travel technology startup, a travel advisory, and a real estate investment fund

Anne Marie holds a BA in English and Creative Writing from Colorado College and an MBA from the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia.



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