Book Review: Buddies, Bullies, and Baseball by Phyllis J. Perry

Buddies, Bullies, and Baseball by Phyllis J. Perry

TCK Publishing (August 15, 2018)

105 pages

9-16 years old

Children’s/Friendships/Peer Pressure


“When Bullies Act Out, It’s Time for Buddies and Baseball”

A cloud hangs over Jack as he begins fifth grade. Two boys from his class, Steve and Cliff, who began bullying him last spring, harass him again as soon as school starts. They take brownies and cookies from his lunch and call him “Mustard” because they think he’s a coward. When Jack walks a different route to school to avoid them, they find him anyway. When he doesn’t take a lunch but brings lunch money, they steal his money. When he rides his bike to school, they let the air out of the tires. Jack is miserable but he’s ashamed to ask for help and doesn’t want to tell anyone about his problem.

Lizabeth and C.J are Jack’s best friends. C.J. has his own problems. He needs help to learn reading, and Steve makes fun of him, calling him “Retardo.” A new boy in school, Hans Ollig from Germany, speaks only a little English and is trying hard to learn to talk like the other kids. Jack is assigned to show him around the school.

Members of Jack’s family are all baseball fans and tremendously excited that the Colorado Rockies are going to be in the World Series. Jack’s uncle has given him an old glove from his high school days. When Jack takes the glove to school, it disappears.

Jack and his fifth-grade buddies welcome a new student, Hans, into their group. Hans speaks only a little English but is enthusiastic and a quick learner. All of them are baseball fans and thrilled that their Colorado Rockies team will be in the World Series.

Jack and his buddies must find a way to get his baseball glove back and celebrate at the World Series as a team.

This is the ideal novel for school age readers, grades 5 – 9, young teens, and boys & girls age 10 – 15.

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Buddies, Bullies, and Baseball by Phyllis Perry



The title says it all. It’s a wonderful novel centered around Jack, a fifth-grader dealing with two classmates who are bullying him, his three good buddies, and baseball is popular with them. The story allows Jack to try to deal with the bullying himself, his feelings and struggles. I loved the positive message of his parents agreeing to wish to handle the situation himself. It also shows the wonderful friendship he has with his friends and the welcoming of a new student. The love of baseball shines through and I believe it adds the extra element for those students that struggle with the joy of reading. Many life lessons covered in the story for various interest. This would make a great elementary school classroom read as well as older readers. Buddies, Bullies, and Baseball is a winner.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (February 16, 2021)

Paperback copy provided by TCK Publishing


pERRYPhyllis J. Perry grew up in a small town in northern California. She attended the University of California at Berkeley and worked as an elementary school teacher in California, New Jersey, and Colorado. She has written and published 90 books of fiction and nonfiction.

Her children’s picture book, Pandas’ Earthquake Escape, based on an actual quake in Wolong Province in China, and illustrated by Susan Detwiler ,won a Mom’s Gold Award as well as the award for Best Picture Book of the Year by the Colorado Authors’ League. In 2011, Red Chair Press published Sticks and Stones 39 Fun and Simple Games From Around the World. Her picture book, The First Rainbow, won best picture book of the year award from the Colorado Authors’ League.

Phyllis has written five books for ‘Tweens: Wonder World, Hidden Away, Together, Too Many Secrets, and Scuba 4 Ever.

Recent books for readers in upper elementary grades or middle level students include: Stand Up and Whistle; Missing Bones; Buddies, Bullies, and Baseball; Deep Sea Divers; and All about Julia Morgan.

To reach Phyllis, contact her through her website at

Publisher: TCK Publishing:


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