Book Review: Ladies of the House by Lauren Edmondson

Ladies of the House by Lauren Edmondson

Graydon House (February 9, 2021)

Women’s Fiction


No surprise is a good surprise. At least according to thirty-four-year-old Daisy Richardson. So when it’s revealed in dramatic fashion that her esteemed father had been involved in a public scandal before his untimely death, Daisy’s life becomes complicated—and fast.

For one, the Richardsons must now sell the family home in Georgetown they can no longer afford, and Daisy’s mother is holding on with an iron grip. Her younger sister, Wallis, is ready to move on to bigger and better things but falls fast and hard for the most inconvenient person possible. And then there’s Atlas, Daisy’s best friend. She’s always wished they could be more, but now he’s writing an exposé on the one subject she’s been desperate to avoid: her father.

Daisy’s plan is to maintain a low profile as she works to keep her family intact amid social exile, public shaming, and quickly dwindling savings. But the spotlight always seems to find the Richardsons, and when another twist in the scandal comes to light, Daisy must confront the consequences of her continued silence and summon the courage to stand up and accept the power of her own voice.





A modern Sense and Sensibility set in the politics of Washington, DC. This engaging debut novel has witty and complicated characters along with scandal, dirty politics, and unrequited love. Redemption once the women stepped out of the shadows of flawed men and seek love and happiness. A truly wonderful bond between sisters. A good book club pick as I think there’s so much to discuss from this engaging debut novel.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (February 1, 2021)

ARC provided by publisher



A11hJ3H1-AL._US230_Lauren began writing angsty short stories at Williams College, where she graduated with a degree in History and English with honors. Later, at Sarah Lawrence College, she earned her M.F.A. and discovered she was much better at crafting novels. When it comes to writing, Lauren is obsessed with the fates of contemporary families and the mysteries of love; other obsessions include travel, the complete oeuvre of Bravo, and comedy podcasts. She lives slightly outside the beltway in Northern Virginia with her husband and incorrigible young daughter; she also teaches English at Northern Virginia Community College.

Ladies of the House is her first novel. Find her on Instagram @MrsLaurenEdmondson.



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