Book Review w/Excerpt: Kate by Charyse Allan

Kate by Charyse Allan

Hot Tree Publishing (June 20, 2020)

New Adult/College Romance/Contemporary Romance




After escaping her past, Kate builds her life around a single purpose: staying hidden. But when the unexpected threatens to unravel her tightly kept secrets, her will to remain alone falters.

Kate ran, planning to leave behind a shell of a life, giving herself strict rules to live by in order to keep the past hidden. But these rules have her trading one prison for another.

Then Kai sneaks into her life, shoving through her shields, getting her to break every one of her rules. An unexpected surprise threatens to unravel her secrets and strip away the control she fought so hard for. But she embraces it, diving into the unknown with Kai.

When her past catches up with her, she battles to keep those she has come to love protected, refusing to relent the strength she found within. But when stuck in a place she never wants to return to and with no chance of escape, she fears losing everything she’s allowed herself to cherish.

Kate 2


Kate 4


Kate is a new adult romance that is very well written. It is full of emotions. The main character Kate is a really closed off character and hard to get into. Give it time, and you’ll be glad you stuck with the story. She’s that way for a reason and it’s a must for this plot to work. There are secrets and twists, family dynamics, and wonderful characters. A good read!

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (September 1, 2020)

Review copy provided by author


Kate 6


Her gaze jumped between my eyes and lips, eyes and lips. My blood

boiled. I was going to devour her. But I gritted my teeth to keep from doing

so. I’d already gone to her over and over, made every move. It was about

time she did the moving.


And she did.


Leaning over the armrest, she brushed her soft lips over mine. The

sharp breath I sucked in couldn’t be stopped. Blood rushed through my

veins, my pulse pounding in my ears. I wanted to gobble her up but again

stayed my hand. She pulled back slightly, and I bit my cheek to keep from

grabbing that braid and crushing my mouth back to hers.


“Oh, and I forgot to add, no more being a jackass,” she murmured

against my lips, and my heart sang.


I fucking adored her.


I chuckled darkly, muttering, “Now that’s one thing I cannot abide,”

before snaking that braid around my hand and brushing my lips against hers.



About the Author

CharyseCharyse published the first novel of the Valley of Death Series in 2014 and has published five novels since. She is working toward her BA in Professional Writing through GCU. Now married to her best friend/high school sweetheart, they live in the sweltering heat of Arizona raising their four kiddos and two Goldens. She’s a bookaholic and chocoholic; her vices keep her sane, but YAH keeps her patient.



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