Book Review: Medieterranean Diet Meal Prep Cookbook by Lindsey Pine, MS, RDN, CLT


Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep Cookbook by Lindsey Pine, MS, RDN, CLT

Rockridge Press (May 19, 2020)

Mediterranean Cooking/Nutrition

Fresh, ready-to-go meals for people on the Mediterranean diet

Inspired by the wholesome, heart-healthy lifestyle of the Mediterranean region―and spotlighting regional ingredients like fresh seafood and produce―the Mediterranean diet has become one of the most popular methods of healthy eating. Packed with foolproof meal prep advice and deliciously balanced recipes, the Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep Cookbook makes starting and staying on the Mediterranean diet easy so you can reduce your total time in the kitchen―all while enjoying a lifetime of healthy eating.

Before you get cooking, dig into an overview of the Mediterranean diet principles and health benefits. Master the art of prep with the dos and don’ts of meal planning and helpful storage solutions before jump-starting your diet with 6 weeklong meal preps―each including easy-to-follow recipes and time-saving tips. You’ll find plenty of additional recipes to use as inspiration to customize your own meal prep menus, or even as a foundation for your own creative Mediterranean-style meals.

The Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep Cookbook includes:

  • Guess-free guidance―Take the guesswork out of what to eat with detailed shopping lists and colorful illustrations for essential equipment and grocery shopping tips.
  • Prepped for success―The 6 weeklong meal preps are simplified to keep your kitchen time down, including suggestions for every meal, as well as step-by-step cooking instructions.
  • Mouthwatering Mediterranean―Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean with 95 delicious, nutritious recipes, including nutritional labels and storage tips.

With the Mediterranean Diet Meal Prep Cookbook, you’ll enjoy healthy, fresh, and fast Mediterranean flavors―without the labor.





This is a comprehensive cookbook/guide on how to meal prep while following the healthy Mediterranean diet lifestyle. It is packed with mostly easy recipes, 6 weekly menus, and step-by-step instructions. With each week’s plan, you are given the grocery shopping lists, equipment needed, and an order to complete the meal prep steps to save the most time, as well as the recipes. The weekly meal prep starts off with 4 recipes for the week to get you used to prepping, then by week 5 it increases to six recipes for the week. In part 3 of the book, you are given 65 additional recipes so you can create your own meal prep menu or grab one when you need to substitute a recipe. I have a nut allergy, and nuts are used a lot in Mediterranean cooking so I substituted a bit. There is a helpful Food substitute page for food allergies or sensitivities. Well done!

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (May 18, 2020)

ARC provided by Publisher via Callisto Publishing Club



  • Easy portion control for all of your meals
  • Save time in the kitchen since you don’t have to cook every single day of the week (Fun fact:  Not including prep time, Americans, on average, spend 51 minutes each day cooking meals.)
  • You’ll save money since you won’t be eating out at restaurants as much
  • Cut down on food waste
  • Have more time overall to spend time with your family or engage in fun activities
  • Budget-friendly healthy meals
  • The stress of having to decide what to eat when you get home from work goes away


Lindsey Pine MS, RDN, CLT is the owner of TastyBalance Nutrition, specializing in recipe development and nutrition communications supporting a heart-healthy lifestyle. In addition to writing for her own blog, she has contributed to numerous publications including Today’s Dietitian, Self, and, Women’s Health, and Reader’s Digest.
Lindsey is also the Dining Dietitian for USC Hospitality on the campus of the University of Southern California. Her education includes a culinary degree from Seattle Central Community College, Bachelors degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management from San Diego State University and a Masters in Nutritional Science from Cal State LA.
She and her husband currently reside in her hometown of Los Angeles.




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