Book Review: The Bible in 52 Weeks by Dr. Kimberly D. Moore


The Bible in 52 Weeks by Dr. Kimberly D. Moore

A Yearlong Bible Study for Women

Rockridge Press (February 11, 2020)

208 pages

Christian Bible Study Guide/Christian Women’s Issues/New Testament Bible Study



An interactive journey through the entire Bible―for women.

When it comes to lifting spirits and finding peace in hard times, there is one place Christian women have always turned for help and advice―the Bible. The Bible in 52 Weeks is an inspiring bible study for women that breaks up the scriptures into manageable daily readings.

Whether you use this interactive bible study for women alone or in a group setting, the weekly commentary, discussion questions, and space to record your thoughts will help you gain new insights, strengthen your relationship with Christ, and spend time in the Word with new meaning and purpose.

This bible study for women includes:

  • Powerful and practical―In just 15 to 20 minutes a day, you’ll tackle the whole Bible in 12 months.
  • Get personal―Each week of bible study for women includes questions, as well as a prayer, a highlighted verse, or actions you can take to help deepen your faith or overcome difficulties you’re facing.
  • And on the 7th day―After 6 days of short suggested readings from the Bible, this bible study for women encourages you to take a day of rest and reflect or catch up on anything that you may have missed during the week.

Bring this practical, yearlong bible study for women into your life and get closer to God.





As you read this book alongside the bible, you are encouraged to think about how to apply it your own circumstances and to be your best self. This book will help you read and learn from the bible (written to complement any translations of the bible) in very manageable portions.  Laid out to be read in a years’ time, spending approximately 15 minutes a day. This bible study outlines daily scripture readings for all 52 weeks of the year. Readings for six days of every week. The seventh day is to catch up any readings that you may have missed during the week. You will find questions to inspire you to think about your own journey, as well as a prayer, a highlighted verse, or action steps. Beautiful, calming, colorful illustrations.

Paperback ARC provided by the publisher/Callisto Publishing Club

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (February 28, 2020)



kim mooreDr. Kimberly D. Moore was born as an only child in a rural town in the upstate of South Carolina. She began her Christian journey at an early age in the Methodist church, being taught the principles of rendering time, talent, and gifts for the purpose of serving God and others. She has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ since 1995. She presently serves as Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, where she has been leading that congregation since 2008. Her election as Senior Pastor was a historic event, as she was the first female to be elected to serve as a senior pastor in the Missionary Baptist Association of Gaston County.

Dr. Moore has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, a Master of Divinity Degree in Pastoral Studies, and a Doctor of Ministry degree in Pastoral Ministries. She has served as adjunct professor within the Master of Divinity program at Gardner Webb University. She also serves on the North Carolina Board for the Council of Women and Youth Involvement.

Dr. Moore is founder and CEO of Kimberly Moore Ministries, which is a non-profit, outreach ministry committed to ministering to and restoring the whole person through Destiny Empowerment Classes, Ministry Mentoring Sessions, Regional Conferences, and Scholarship.

God has truly favored her ministry and caused her name to be spread abroad. She is a highly sought after minister of the Gospel who has been boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ with power and demonstration in church services, conferences and revivals across the United States and Internationally. She has served as keynote speaker for the North Carolina Baptist State Convention, the National Baptist Congress, and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of NC. Her unique style of preaching has reached beyond traditional barriers and touched the lives of many, clergy and laity alike.

She is an author, entrepreneur, mentor, and an anointed vessel whom God has appointed as a Pastor, anointed as an Evangelist, and trained as a Teacher to speak a Word of hope and healing to the hearts of mankind. Dr. Kimberly Moore is a woman who represents the Kingdom of God by demonstrating spiritual integrity, maturity, and excellence. She is one that has certainly been “called to the Kingdom for such a time as this!”



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