Book Review: Beginner’s Baking Bible by Heather Perine

Beginner’s Baking Bible by Heather Perine

130+ Recipes and Techniques for New Bakers

Rockridge Press (December 24, 2019)




Baking is a cakewalk with these beginner’s tips, tricks, and techniques

For a beginner, baking might seem like magic: mix the right ingredients, add heat, and watch a transformation happen before your eyes. But you don’t have to be a sorcerer to bake a flavorful pie, decadent layer cake, or pillowy loaf of bread. Beginner’s Baking Bible walks you through all the essential techniques you’ll need to bake over 130 sweet and savory recipes―and get them right every time.

Learn the tools and staple ingredients you’ll need for baking (don’t worry, it’s not as much as you think). Pick up building block skills like measuring, mixing, kneading, creaming butter and sugar, and whipping egg whites. Soon, you’ll impress your family and friends with muffins, cookies, cakes, pies, quiches, and even savory galettes. Presto! You’re a baker.

In Beginner’s Baking Bible, you’ll find:

  • 130+ tasty recipes―Learn to bake a wide range of recipes like Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies, Bacon and Swiss Quiche, Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuits, Red Velvet Layer Cake, and more.
  • Start from scratch―Learn the simple baking techniques you’ll need to make every recipe, like melting chocolate and cutting butter into flour.
  • Tips and tricks―Helpful tips guide you with easy preparation, ingredient substitutions, and troubleshooting when your bake is in danger.

Easily bake everything from crisp oatmeal cookies to crusty French bread with Beginner’s Baking Bible―no magic required.





This baking bible starts off with the must have tools and ingredients to stock your kitchen with as well as the nice-to-have items. Chapter 2 covers skills required for the beginner (mixing & folding, creaming butter & sugar, kneading dough, whipping egg whites, cutting butter into flour, and melting chocolate), all skills needed to bake. Pictures are provided for these skills. There are a great variety of bake goods included in this book, all with easy to follow, detailed directions. Each recipe has a tip or trick to it. Very well written baking cookbook that gives you the essential techniques to bake.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (December 7, 2019)

ARC provided by the publisher/Callisto Publishing Club



Here is a sneak peak of the chapters:

Chapter 1: The Beginner’s Baking Kitchen

Chapter 2: Starting Skills

Chapter 3: A Collection Of Cookies

Chapter 4: Basically Brownies And Bars

Chapter 5: Perfect Pies, Galettes, Tarts, and Quiches

Chapter 6: Can’t Fail Quick Breads And Masterful Muffins

Chapter 7: Captivating Cakes And Cupcakes

Chapter 8: Beautiful Breads, Biscuits And Crackers

Chapter 9: Fantastic Frosting And Glazes



HEATHER PERINE is a teacher, recipe developer, and food blogger. She blogs about baking from scratch and shares tips, tricks, and simple recipes for bakers at



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