Release Blitz with Review & Excerpt: A Cowboy Like You by Donna Grant


A Cowboy Like You by Donna Grant

Heart of Texas Series (Book 4)

St. Martin’s Press (November 26, 2019)

Contemporary Romance/Western Romance


In the Heart of Texas, a heartthrob cowboy may get his second chance at love…

Danny Oldman, the handsome Lone Star sheriff, is still single. He tells himself, and anyone who asks, that he is married to his job—and what matters most is keeping the people of his beloved Texas hometown safe. The truth? Danny still hasn’t gotten over his high school crush. She moved away after graduation and took Danny’s heart with her.

Skylar Long never thought she would have to flee Houston and return home—where it all began for her. But that’s what happened after the man of her dreams turned out to be an actual nightmare. Now, Skylar is desperate to escape her obsessive boyfriend. Nothing shocks her more than seeing Danny again and realizing that their long-ago attraction is more powerful than ever. But can she and Danny find a way to fight against Skylar’s wealthy, powerful ex who is dead set on tearing them apart?

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A Cowboy Like You has a seamlessly blend of suspense and second chance romance which is set in a small town. There’s a good flow to the story that drew me in and kept me engaged.  I liked the storyline and the characters. I especially liked the group of friends who have each other backs.

Note:  This can be read completely as a stand-alone read and you will not be lost with not having read the prior books in the series (but if you like western romances, I recommend all of them).

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (October 30, 2019)

ARC provided by St. Martin’s Publishing via Netgalley

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Of all the people Danny thought he might run into, never in a million years had he ever
expected to see Skylar Long again. If he believed in destiny, he’d almost accept that his thinking of her earlier had brought her straight to him.

One of the things he remembered about her was how she had wanted to get out of their
town and to a big city. Her sights had been set on Houston, or even Dallas. She had wanted to get lost in all the people.

Many of his classmates had spoken about leaving their little town, but few did. And many
who left returned eventually. Not Skylar. She’d gotten out, and he figured she would stay gone forever. After all, her parents moved about ten years ago, which meant there was never any reason for her to return.

Yet, here she was. And more stunning than ever before.

She had been Danny’s crush from the time they were in grade school. Skylar had always
been a free spirit. She had a confidence most girls her age lacked. It wasn’t arrogance, but a belief in herself that came through in everything she did.

While beautiful, she had been a little reserved. She had run in the popular crowd, but
didn’t use that social level to degrade anyone or use it to her benefit like others had. She had been kind, wearing her heart on her sleeve.

He and Skylar had been able to talk about anything. She was always open and
engaging, but Danny had never pursued her for his girlfriend. He’d never thought he was good enough, not when so many of his other friends had wooed her.

The harsh light of the street lamp above them couldn’t diminish her beauty. Her golden
blond hair was put up haphazardly with strands falling around her face and neck. Her large azure eyes still holding more shock and fear than he liked.

She was on the petite side with curves in all the right places. Her lips were full, pouty
even, that made his blood heat just looking at them. Her skin had that dewy glow of a healthy lifestyle that made him want to reach out and run the pads of his fingers down her cheek to see if her skin was as velvety as it appeared.

Hearing her story made him want to go find Matt and punch him a few times. Danny had
never been so happy to be at the right place at the right time then he was that night.

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GrantNew York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has penned ninety novels, novelettes, novellas, and short stories spanning multiple genres of romance including the exhilarating Dark King and Reaper paranormal series, the romantic suspense Sons of Texas series, the historical paranormal Kindred series, and the contemporary Heart of Texas series. She lives with her two children, a dog, and three cats in Texas.






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