Book Review: T is for Tiger by Laura Watkins

T is for Tiger by Laura Watkins

A Toddler’s First Book of Animals

Zephyros Press (July 2, 2019)

46 pages

Children’s Book/Animals/Alphabet



Animals and the alphabet—learning goes wild.

What could be more fun than learning about the alphabet and all sorts of amazing animals at the same time? T Is for Tiger goes beyond other animal books for toddlers and introduces your little one to letters in an easy and enjoyable format with colorful illustrations and plenty of critters they’ll never forget.

Everything animal books for toddlers should be:

  • A worldwide adventure—Discover animals for every letter of the alphabet—even Q and X—as they appear in their natural environments.
  • Engaging and educational—Unlike other animal books for toddlers, T Is for Tiger features realistic illustrations that help your toddler recognize animals and their homes.
  • Go beyond the ABCs—You won’t need other animal books for toddlers—revisit the pages and continue the learning as your child grows with animal fun facts, a world map, and more.

Teach your little one about letters and animals all at once—from A is for alligator to Z is for zebra. When it comes to animal books for toddlers, this one roars with fun.





The illustrations are beautiful and depict the animals in their own environments. Each animal representing a letter of the alphabet can be found living near each other. The animals are both familiar animals and animals that you may never have heard of. Children learn the alphabet, animals, and fun facts (for most of the alphabet). The book is a good size (8×8), heavy paper, and again, beautifully illustrated.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (July 2, 2019)

ARC provided by publisher



Laura Watkins is an accomplished liar and one of the world’s foremost aunts, who accidentally wrote Tales for Gullible Children while concocting stories for her two nieces. She lives in Oregon, but frequently visits the gullible children in Missoula.



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