Book Review: The Earl’s Unconventional Bride by Kelly Anne Bruce

The Earl’s Unconventional Bride by Kelly Anne Bruce

A Clean Regency Romance

April 17, 2016

Historical Romance/Regency/Short Reads



Lady Amelia Grey is smart. This isn’t typical of the women in her circle. She’s not satisfied with the men she meets. They all want silly, uninformed women who take them at their word.

Her mother is constantly reprimanding her for reading too much and developing too many opinions. She ignores her mother, but she does realize that it may be more difficult to find a husband. Most men aren’t strong enough to have a wife that can be their equal.

She can’t get the Earl of Banham out of her mind. She met him at a ball held at his estate. He intrigued her, but he was arrogant and forward. This wasn’t the kind of many she wanted, either. But, alas, he was handsome and bold and stuck in her memory.

Would she ever be able to find the right kind of man for her? One that was like the earl, but nicer? Maybe Major Thomas Edwards would be the man for her. Time will tell if this will be a match. She hopes so!




This is a super short, sweet and clean Regency romance. Though it is short, it is not lacking. It is well written. It is an insta love story so you won’t go deep into the courtship. I liked the characters and the story. I only wish the proposal was done a bit differently. Well-paced and kept me interested.

Free copy provided by authors newsletter

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (February 16, 2019)


Kelly Anne Bruce has enjoyed reading about the Regency period since her teen years. Intrigued by the society mindset, the elaborate dress, and the lovely parties, she starting doing research. The people of the era are fascinating! That’s what drew her to write about this time in English history.

Kelly Anne is an American, married to an English man. They live in Cambridge, which happens to be her favorite city in England. Their two cats and a dog run the household remarkably well!



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