Book Review: Trials and Tribulations by Louisa Masters


Trials and Tribulations of Online Dating by Louisa Masters

July 27, 2018

55 pages

Romance/Contemporary/Erotica/Short Reads



Friends with benefits never looked so tempting…

Samantha Hasting is a woman sick of living in a rut. Her whole life revolves around her work and her best friends. Wanting to meet new people—including a man who makes her heart beat faster—she signs up for online dating.

As Sam embarks on her dating adventures, her best friend—and friend with benefits—Levi is her constant, a shoulder to cry on and buddy to laugh with. It’s only after she meets and starts dating Jack that she realizes maybe Levi means more to her than she’d thought. Maybe the man who makes her heart beat faster was right there all along.



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Finding love right in front of you

A fun and entertaining read. It’s a very steamy read with a feel-good story that has you rooting for the couple to open their eyes realize what they have in each other. While it may a very short read, it does not disappoint.

Review copy provided by Hot Tree Promos

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (September 19, 2018)



Louisa Masters started reading romance much earlier than her mother thought she should. While other teenagers were sneaking out of the house, Louisa was working out how to read romance novels without being discovered. As an adult, she feeds her addiction in every spare second, only occasionally tearing herself away to do things like answer the phone and pay bills. She lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she whines about the weather for most of the year while secretly admitting she’ll probably never move.

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