Release Blitz w/Review: Trust Me by Harper Dell

Trust Me by Harper Dell

The Hansons: Brianna & Cole, Book 1

January 28, 2018

Contemporary Romance/Family Saga



The much-anticipated new family romance series from Harper Dell is here! Meet the Hansons! Brianna and Cole are the first to share their love story with you. Eldest sister, Brianna, allows herself two lovers a year. As a top-class divorce lawyer, she has seen the worst of relationships. Add to that her father abandoning the family when she was just a child, and marriage and children are off the cards. She figures she has things just right to keep her satisfied until her hormones head for the grave. At least until she meets Cole. His loveless childhood has left him craving a relationship and family. He wants to give his future children everything he never had. He wants that with Brianna and he can be every bit as stubborn as she is. When an unusual complication pits them against one another, it takes a dog named Ollie, some advice from an unexpected source and some painful home truths to steer them on the path to happiness. Brianna’s siblings, Skye, Hannalore and twin brothers, suave Luke and hunky Brock, share their stories in future books. Travel from a Los Angeles plastic surgery office to a busy soap opera writing room and even a safari lodge in Africa, as you follow their journeys to love. Mom, Sarah, is the glue that holds them all together, despite facing challenges of her own. With Luke and Brock constantly at odds, Hannalore guarding a family secret, and Skye finding a new path to love, Sarah has her hands full. Sexy, successful, stubborn and sassy, you’ll soon feel part of the family.





“What are you so afraid of Brie? That you might like me too much?”

Well-written, fun characters, full of steamy romance and emotions. Harper Dell takes you on an emotional ride as Brianna and Cole have an instant attraction but want total opposite things out of life. The book also is a great setup for the rest of the siblings (and I hope Jaimie too) to have their own books.




Hi, I’m Harper Dell. I write super sexy romantic fiction. Strong plots combine with love, sensual encounters, romance and, of course, dollops of steamy sex. Along with fiction, I write and edit for daily soap opera and television drama. To connect with me find me on Facebook or visit:

To be notified of new releases, or just to say hello, drop an email with “Juicy Reads” in the subject line to: In love, light (plus a little bit of lust;)



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