Book Review: A Gansett Island Christmas by Marie Force


A Gansett Island Christmas by Marie Force

Gansett Island Series

HTJB, Inc (December 25, 2017)

Romance/Holidays-Christmas/Short Reads/Family




It’s Christmas on Gansett Island, but a blizzard is ruining everyone’s plans… Until Ned gets a big idea that might save the day for the McCarthys and their family. Take the ferry to Gansett Island and spend Christmas Day with Big Mac, Linda and the entire McCarthy family. Previously published through Marie’s online store on December 25, 2017.


A Christmas Novella featuring all your favorite characters from Gansett Island. A Christmas morning blizzard has Christmas day plans ruined and disappointment felt by many. Ned saves Christmas by bringing everyone together. Then the hilairites begins.  A perfect quick Christmas read for fans of Gansett Island series.





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