Book Review: The Gratitude Journal for Women by Katherine Furman & Katie Vernon

The Gratitude Journal for Women

Find Happiness and Peace in 5 Minutes a Day

Text by Katherine Furman  Illustrations by Katie Vernon

Althea Press (December 26, 2017)

Self-Help/Journal Writing/Health



Studies have shown that expressing gratitude can have a long-lasting effect on our level of happiness. Fostering this positive perspective, The Gratitude Journal for Women offers an inspirational, easy-to-use journal for women who want to record their thoughts of gratitude in only five minutes a day. With thought-provoking quotes and prompts that make us reflect on the events of our day-to-day lives, The Gratitude Journal for Women provides the space, time, and direction necessary for reflection.

The Gratitude Journal for Women lays out:

  • Insightful Quotes for inspiring and empowering day-to-day actions and activities
  • Positive Prompts for recognizing all the good in life you have to be grateful for
  • 5-Minute Entries for expressing yourself no matter how busy your schedule with this gratitude journal

“Little things in our daily routine can feel like magic if they bring us joy―a perfect cup of coffee, putting on some cushy slippers, literally stopping to smell the roses. What is your magic moment?”―Prompt, The Gratitude Journal for Women

Find happiness when you discover what you are grateful for with The Gratitude Journal for Women.



A nice journal to reflect on the positives of your day.

This beautiful illustrated journal provides an opportunity for giving thanks, as well as reflection, and self-exploration. It has been found that identifying and expressing gratitude had long-lasting effects on people’s level of happiness. (Martin E. P. Seligman & Tracy A Steen of University of PA study). There are prompts and quotes for you to reflect on, write about, that inspires gratitude. Spend 5 minutes or longer if you want, to reflect and express your feelings. Skip around the journal if you want. It’s up to you. When done, you’ll have a journal full of gratitude and I’m sure you will learn about yourself. Nice sized book.

Note: I received a free copy from the publisher. My review reflects my own opinion.




Katherine Furman is a long-time editor and writer of nonfiction. She has worked on countless subjects, from humor to health to history, and she is profoundly grateful for each and every opportunity she’s had. She is the cofounder and the editorial director of Tandem Books, a publishing studio, and lives with her husband in Atlantic Highlands, NJ.


Katie Vernon is an illustrator who has spent most of her life in the Midwest, but whose heart belongs in the mountains. She loves working with inky paints and then arranging and adding detail digitally. She is most thankful for her husband, daughter, and part-dingo dog.

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