Book Review: Obsession by Nancy Chastain

Obsession by Nancy Chastain

Deadly Obsession (Book 1)

September 24, 2017

194 pages



I glanced up, and was filled with warmth and need all the way to my toes. Dillion was standing there, arms crossed over his chest, causing his muscles to bulge. I swallowed hard, my mouth suddenly dry. He was gorgeous. I was in love with this man. My God she is gorgeous, Dillion thought as he leaned against the door jamb and watched her hips sway to the music. At that moment, he knew he was in love with her. She is mine. I watched over her as she slept. I had read her innermost thoughts. Sara will realize that she loves me, not Dillion. I will have her no matter what.


A quick read of a young, immediate love. A bit of mystery but pretty easy to tell who the stalker is. This is about a young couple who fall immediately in love and the relationship is fast. I think this is geared more to New Adult readers. I really liked the warm and welcoming family interactions with a big focus on family bond which is nice.



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I am a small town mid-west wife, mother and grandma. I am a legal assistant by day and a reading addict and new author by night. I read everything and anything I can in most genres.


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