Book Review: The Christmas Angel by Pamela Gibson

The Christmas Angel by Pamela Gibson

St. Helena Vineyard Series

Kindle Worlds (November 13, 2017)

Contemporary Romance/Holiday-Christmas/Novella

72 pages



Reporter Molly O’Reilly has dreamed about Cade Logan since the first day he strolled past the front window of the St. Helena Sentinel. A strong, silent Texan, he’s a man of mystery who lives alone, keeps to himself, and shuns Molly’s attempts to get to know him better. But Molly smells a story and she’s determined to find out what Cade is hiding, even if it means tangling with the one man who can break her heart.  When Cade moved to St. Helena, all he wanted was peace, solitude, and time to heal from a devastating loss. The last thing he needs is sexy, persistent Molly O’Reilly complicating his life.  But maybe it’s time to let go of the past and open his heart. And what better way than with Molly and her Christmas angel.




She has a poor self-esteem but is a successful newspaper reporter and a wonderful single mother. He’s a man with secrets who longs for a family, but is afraid to get too close to someone because of his past. As they get closer during the holiday season, he realizes that his ghosts must be laid to rest so that he can love again. I wasn’t overly in love with the characters but this is a nice, quick, holiday read. Well written and complete story.


81udr51VeNL._UX250_  Pamela Gibson, who also writes non-fiction books as Pamela Hallan-Gibson, was raised in San Juan Capistrano, California, just a short distance from the Pacific Ocean. She was fascinated by the old Spanish Mission in the center of town and grew up wandering its ruins and dreaming up stories about the people who once lived there. She began reading romance novels while waiting for the birth of her son, David. By the time her daughter, Shelley, came along, she was thoroughly hooked and wanted to write them. But life sometimes gets in the way and she put off her dream while working, first as a newspaper reporter, and then in public agencies. She eventually moved to the wine country where she learned to grow grapes and make wine. Today she mostly lives on a 32-foot boat, but gets back to the Northern California wine country whenever she can. She still loves to walk on a beach barefoot, but has added warm fragrant bubble baths and well-balanced wine to her favorite things. While writing, she loves to munch on chocolate and keeps her galley well-stocked. Whether you’re an early California history buff or someone who loves a good romance, she hopes you enjoy her books.



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