Release Blitz w/Reviews & Giveaway: Hot Winter Nights: A Racy Regency Christmas Collection

Release Day Blitz for Hot Winter Nights: A Racy Regency Christmas Collection. Each day I will highlight a story from this boxset, so be sure to return tomorrow.


Hot Winter Nights: A Racy Regency Christmas Collection

Brook Ridge Press (October 3, 2017)



Today is Release Day for Hot Winter Nights: A Racy Regency Christmas Collection, which features eight steamy new holiday novellas by beloved authors Tammy Andresen, Amy Rose Bennett, Heather Boyd, Dawn Brower, Amanda Mariel, Nina Mason, Christina McKnight, and Lauren Smith. Here’s a summary of what you’ll find inside:

Taming a Christmas Wallflower by Tammy Andresen

It started as a bet. Will Maddox simply needed to kiss the Duke’s daughter, a bluestocking and a wallflower. But the more time he spends with Lady Amelia Chase, the more he realizes he wants so much more.

An Improper Christmas by Amy Rose Bennett

When Miss Lily Godwin has a chance encounter with the mischievous Lord Nash at a Yuletide house party, she is sorely tempted to throw all dictates of decorum out the window. After all, it’s Christmas.

The Duke and I by Heather Boyd

The Duke of Stapleton abhors Christmas nonsense, but could a kiss exchanged under mistletoe with his daughter’s shy companion alter his opinion of the season?

Secluded with My Hellion by Dawn Brower

In the midst of the blizzard, Gavin Barrington, the Earl of Havenwood, and Lady Odessa Lynwood must overcome the earl’s worst fears and figure out if their love can conquer the challenges they must face.

Her Perfect Rogue by Amanda Mariel

When Julia Honeyfield is sent away to a brothel, she runs away…only to find herself in the Duke of Selkirk’s arms. Dare she trust him to protect her?

The Twelve Nights of Christmas by Nina Mason

Rollo Gillingham has only twelve nights to win back Penelope Pembroke, the woman he left with his promise to return ten years before. Come Christmas Day, which will she choose–the man she loves or the man her parents want her to marry?

Bedded Under a Christmastide Moon by Christina McKnight

Brigham Clarke, Viscount Whitmore, has endlessly championed those less fortunate than himself by introducing social reform bills in London…all while his wife, Melloria, remains alone in Hertfordshire. When Brigham arrives for the Christmastide holiday, Melloria has only one thing on her mind–the seduction of her husband!


The Rogue’s Seduction by Lauren Smith

London’s favorite lady seeks the help and protection of London’s most wicked devil to escape one marriage, only to fall into another.



Hot Winter Nights is available only in e-book format at








The authors: Christina McKnight, Amy Rose Bennett, Heather Boyd, Dawn Brower, Amanda Mariel, Nina Mason, Tammy Andresen, and Lauren Smith.




I am already a fan of 4 of the 8 authors of this boxset. The other 4 are new to me authors. I liked every story in this boxset. All are very sexy/racy regency era novellas set around Christmastide. Pay attention to the cameo for each story – the are perfect indicator for it. A wonderful collection of sexy/racy regency era novellas set in very cold winter/Christmastide.

Taming a Christmas Wallflower by Tammy Andresen

“I always manage to say the wrong thing.” “You mean the intelligent thing.”

I adore the Taming series by Tammy Andresen and this is a wonderful addition. Amelia is beautiful and very intelligent but awkward and that puts would-be suitors at arm’s length. Handsome Will Maddox initially meets Amelia due to a bet that he is not proud to be a part of. He soon appreciates not only her beauty, but her intelligence. The sudden attention gives Amelia doubts about his true feelings. Set at Christmastide in England, Andresen writes a wonderful romance that brings a wallflower into her own.

An Improper Christmas by Amy Rose Bennett

“It would be an indulgent Christmas gift to herself that might help to mend her dented confidence and bruised heart.”

New to me author, Amy Rose Bennett, packed quite an emotional and very sexy read in An Improper Christmas. I truly loved Lily as the strong heroine who refused to put up with her unfaithful fiancé. She leaves early Christmas morning with her heart bruised and an uncertain future. Known rakehell, Lord Nash offers her a lift out of the snowstorm and soon gives Lily a Christmas she’ll always remember. A fun read.

The Duke and I by Heather Boyd

“That kiss went far beyond flirtatious, Your Grace.”

During a weeklong Christmas party, The Duke is often finding himself avoiding the mistletoe. At this time, he becomes very curious about his daughter’s companion, the devoted Gillian. A planted mistletoe leads to their first kiss. The two widows succumb to the loneliness and lust and they begin a secret affair. It soon turns into passion and love. Well written story that I was intrigue with from page one.

Secluded with My Hellion by Dawn Brower

 “If you don’t want to be with me, I can’t force you.”

Gavin believes in and is terrified of his family curse. Odessa had always owned his heart but he is determined to keep her at a distance so that she will not be harmed. Odessa sets out to confront him once and for all and believes “A kiss would bring her everything she’d been hoping for.” A quick read as two meant to be overcome the challenges to be together.

Her Perfect Rogue by Amanda Mariel

“Your fate is now in your own hands. Make me proud.”

Lovely story from Amanda Mariel of a homeless girl of low birth and a Duke who protects her. He provides shelter and a job as his sister’s companion. She’s determined to repay him by becoming a lady and making him proud. As they become friends, their feelings deepen. He tries to forget her and leaves. Christmastide brings them back together. A quick and fulfilling read.

The Twelve Nights of Christmas by Nina Mason

“But perhaps I’ve been a fool to build a castle out of a childhood promise.”

After waiting 10 years for her true love to return, she reluctantly agrees to marry their friend based only on friendship, giving him an heir and being his hostess. Her heart still belonged to Rollo completely. Rollo returns the evening of her engagement dinner. Roll has twelve days to change her mind and make her his. Christmas the season of miracles but will the strength of their attachment to one another reunite them?  The I liked that Penelope was a strong woman who eventually placed her feelings ahead of what society rules were. Well written, beautifully described, and had my interest from the first page.

Bedded Under a Christmastide Moon by Christina McKnight

“It is the gift I’ve longed for since our wedding day.”

Married in name only, it was a marriage supposedly of convenience. A marriage that enabled her to care for her ailing mother and provide a home for them. He spent most of the time away. They both had affection and love for each other that they kept hidden. She is free of grief & sorrow and was ready to seduce her husband. He only visited the estate once a year. I really liked that the heroine went after what she wanted which was her husband.  I was so in to this story that when she took the lead to reestablish their relationship and he denied them both what they longed for, I wanted to bop him upside the head. An emotional romance with set upon the Christmastide.

The Rogue’s Seduction by Lauren Smith

“There was no going back from that kiss.”

Lord Vaughn Darlington is a desperate fortune hunter, a Lord in dire straits and a notorious rogue. Perdita Darby, a wealthy heiress in a terrible situation comes to him with a proposal. She’s being blackmailed to marry a brute to save her papa and wants the Lords protection. After a short time together, true affection grew between them; she drew out the gentleman in him, he’s her white knight. He agrees as a way out of his financial ruin, but soon that no longer mattered. He wanted to win her heart and claim her as his wife. I enjoyed reading this. It has fun banter and teasing as well as affection. The heroine has her own mind, she smart, fiery, as well as alluring and sweet. The hero comes off as a rogue but soon shows his soft side as well as his full protector mode. One of my favorites of this boxset.



To celebrate the release of this must-read anthology, the authors are holding a giveaway. The grand prize is an e-book of Hot Winter Nights, plus one other book by each of the eight authors (that’s nine free books, romance fans!). Two copies of Hot Winter Nights as second and third prizes. The giveaway ends Oct. 10, so enter now so you don’t miss out.



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