Book Review: Where I Come From by Riley McKissack

Where I Come From: J. Tom and Rainey

Author: Riley McKissack

Southern Nights Publishing (March 18, 2017)

157 pages

Romance/Romantic Comedy/Small Town Romance



Small Town Romance with Southern characters determined to flaunt their quirks. Romantic comedy. Southern people don’t hide their crazy relatives, they sit them out on the front porch to show them off, as the old saying goes. Stockville is a whole town determined to show off its eccentricities. And, a lot of men in need of love. Bring on the brides because the men are waiting. A different read than other Riley McKissack novels.



Here Comes the Brides

I have read all of Riley McKissick’s books. This is definitely a different read and I liked it. It’s a small-town romance with quirky characters. The main leads are well suited for each other; J. Tom is dedicated to his town and to his mother. He is so much more than meets the eye. He’s determined not to let his town die off so he arranges with a travel agent to do bus tours of single women to his town. Rainey is now a city girl and carries a grudge against small towns and is determined not to live in one again. She detests how everyone knows you, talks about you, and knows everything you do. What a hoot Lillie Mae and Mamie were; competitive but deep down deeply cared. Full of fun banter and characters. Hope to read more from the men of this town.








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