New Release Update: Littlest Hunter by John W. Kurtze




Today is the second month since my book THE LITTLEST HUNTER: THE JOURNEY BEGINS hit the shelves of bookstores and became available at any independent bookstore across the country.  In Chicago, I have twenty-six independent bookstores close to me, and I have begun visiting with each of them to introduce myself and talk about my children’s book series.  It will take me awhile to get to every store in Chicagoland.  I have also been visiting several libraries sharing my stories and making myself available to read at their children’s storytime.  There have even been a few day care centers who have given me a forum to read my Littlest Hunter story and talk about the main character and all of the various animals in the story. In December, I am reading from my book and talking about the series and signing books at a local coffee shop.   I am speaking to stores in Nashville, Omaha, Seattle, Burlington Vermont, and Minneapolis and if you have a favorite store you want me to visit let me know, and we will work out a time to visit the store in your area.

I have also been a guest on local cable and radio shows reading an excerpt of the story and talking about the history behind my writing the stories.  I was also a guest on a national radio broadcast connected to the Authors On The Air Global Radio Network where I spent an hour talking about my book, Littlest Hunter and all of his animal friends, and the history of my coming to write the stories.  It was great to speak of the book and help clarify why I keep saying my stories stimulate children’s imaginations.  All of the stories use words to create visions of the animals, Hunter’s Forest, and the Littlest Hunter.  For the four decades of telling the stories, I used my words to inspire my children and grandchildren to imagine a picture of what the forest, the trading post, and in their minds create a picture of the Littlest Hunter and his animal friends.    According to those who heard the story, the words still deliver that message.  With the release of the first Littlest Hunter story,  I am happy my illustrator can put my words into colorful illustrations.

My first book LITTLEST HUNTER: THE JOURNEY BEGINS the stage for the storyline in the 1870’s at Fort Hunter, a trading post in Northern Kentucky.  The Hunter family left Boston setting out to homestead next to Fort Hunter and Hunter’s Forest, both getting their names after family members who restored the post.  The reader sets the pace of telling the story as I have provided natural stopping points throughout the story.   Reading the story a little bit at a time allows the person who is reading to set the pace.  So by creating the stopping points, I give the reader the ability to continue the story at a later time. Each story encourages children to use their imagination as they learn about the young boy’s gift. 

You may have caught my use of words stories, series, and first book.  I am intentionally using those words as there are several Littlest Hunter stories in the future.  My Littlest Hunter Series are the same stories I have been telling my children and grandchildren for more than four decades.  The second book in the series is in the works, and I will keep you posted on the release date.  For now, you can place your order for THE LITTLEST HUNTER: THE JOURNEY BEGINS (Book #1) at your favorite bookstore now or online.  For your convenience, you can go to  to find the easiest way to order your copy.

~ John W. Kurtze

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