PreOrder Sale: Brother’s Keeper I: Declan by Stephanie St. Klaire

Brother’s Keeper 1: Declan by Stephanie St. Klaire

The SSK Group (August 24, 2017)

Romance/Contemporary/Mystery & Suspense


The only thing that can taint money, privilege, and endless access to the finer things in life is murder. Lydia exchanges her life of luxury for a life on the run when she discovers her real estate tycoon husband is nothing more than a cold-blooded killer with endless resources. The only person who can keep her alive is the last person she wants to trust. Declan O’Reilly was on his way to retiring from a life undercover when his final case took a potentially fatal turn. Blowing his cover to protect the only reason he stayed on the case to begin with becomes a challenge when money and power corrupt the very agency he was sworn to trust. Going off the grid, where nobody can find them, he learns his desire to protect Lydia is more than just a job. He risks it all to protect the one thing he thought he could never have. She fights to discover what she’s really made of only to find its what he saw in her all along. Not once, but twice, fate offers a maniacal twist that can tear them apart, as much as it can drive them together while trying to outrun the extensive reach of a diabolical criminal. Sometimes you have to break rules to protect what you love. Can Declan’s own Brother’s Keeper Security help them find their way, or does it just put more lives on the line while the unlikely couple fights for forever.


“The less you know, the safer you are”

Brother’s Keeper 1: Declan is the newest release from Stephanie St. Klaire. It’s a brand-new series from St. Klaire and is a crossover series. We meet the O’Reilly brothers (as well as some cousins) which sets up this new series.  This is Declan’s story. We met him near the end of Hidden (McKenzie Ridge series, book 2). Do not worry, it is written so that if you haven’t read the McKenzie Ridge series you won’t be lost (though that series is fantastic and you should read it). Declan, basically is two stories in one! Part 1 of this story has Declan and Lydia on the run (which takes place prior to the story Hidden) and the second part of this book picks up 2 years after part 1 which is current day (and takes place after Fearless book 4 of McKenzie Ridge series). This is a big meaty book with over 100k words and 43 chapters. There is a lot of action and edge of your seat suspense. Stephanie St. Klaire consistently delivers well written books with developed storyline and characters. A very suspenseful read that keeps you guessing. Twist and turns with an impressive ending you won’t see coming.


Coming to an E-reader near you August 24th!

PRE-ORDER FOR ONLY $1.99 (limited time)

 or – order your copy after release for ONLY $2.99!





You met them in McKenzie Ridge  and fell in love – now they get their own series…the O’Reilly Brothers!

​Honor, trust, loyalty… Sometimes you have to break rules to protect what you love and these Irish brothers love hard…Brothers Keeper.

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