Book Review: Sweet Home Cowboy by Marin Thomas



Sweet Home Cowboy by Marin Thomas

Love at the Chocolate Shop (Book 9)

Tule Publishing, June 1, 2017

Sweet Romance/Small Towns/Western/Contemporary



When Marietta newcomer Elena Puente is coerced into attending a speed-dating event at the popular Copper Mountain Chocolate shop, she’s blindsided by a serious attraction to local cowboy, Wesley Banks. Still recovering from a broken engagement, the first-grade teacher from Las Vegas isn’t looking for romance. She’s in Montana to get to know the great-grandfather she never knew existed until she found some hidden family letters. Judge Kingsley is a grouchy recluse and he’s far from welcoming, but Elena is determined to stay in town long enough to give his neglected estate on Bramble Lane a facelift. Elena’s resolve to avoid romance is tested when she discovers Wesley is the caretaker of her grandfather’s rural property. Soon, she and the cowboy are attending more speed-dating events at the chocolate shop and she’s seeking his advice on how to deal with his ornery boss. Local gossips wager the old Judge will run Elena out of town before anything serious develops between her and Wesley. But Wesley’s a determined man, too, and he’s betting Elena belongs in Marietta forever…with him.

Sweet cowboy


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Marin Thomas returns us to Marietta, MT, a small town of beautiful homes, friendly people, full of gossipmongers, and handsome cowboys. Sweet Home Cowboy is a fun, sweet romance. It is also a family bonding story between a great-grandfather and his great-granddaughter, both who were unaware of each other’s existence. Well-developed characters, a fun plot of the characters meeting by an accidental crashing of a speed-dating event, obstacles to overcome, and the blossoming romance. You are left with a more than satisfying HEA and the true love message of “When you truly love someone, you put the other person’s wants and needs before your own.” All the books in the Love at the Chocolate Shop series can be read as a standalone novel. You will have former couples and characters from each of the previous stories woven into the story and it’s fun to read them in order to see how their romances are progressing. A wonderful addition to the series and a sweet romance.



A small-town girl goes off to college to play basketball only to discover by chance that she likes spinning stories as much as she loves shooting baskets. Then real life happened; she married and entered the workforce. It wasn’t until she gave up her career to stay at home and raise her children that she rediscovered her love of writing and set about penning novels that open the heart and heal the soul.





Love at the Chocolate Shop series

Love blooms in and around the Copper Mountain Chocolate shop of Marietta, Montana in a twelve book series featuring authors C.J. Carmichael, Melissa McClone, Debra Salonen, Roxanne Snopek, Marin Thomas and Steena Holmes.


Book 1: Melt My Heart, Cowboy by CJ Carmichael

Book 2: A Thankful Heart by Melissa McClone

Book 3: Montana Secret Santa by Debra Salonen

Book 4: The Chocolate Cure by Roxanne Snopek

Book 5: The Valentine Quest by Melissa McClone

Book 6: Charmed by Chocolate by Steena Holmes

Book 7: The Chocolate Comeback by Roxanne Snopek

Book 8: The Chocolate Touch by Melissa McClone

Book 9: Sweet Home Cowboy by Marin Thomas







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