Book Review: Isabella: Bride of Ohio by Debra Parmley & Robert Arrow

Isabella: Bride of Ohio by Debra Parmley and Robert Arrow

American Mail-Order Brides Series (book 17)

Belo Dia Publishing (December 4, 2015)




Isabella, newly arrived in America from Sweden, first loses her parents and then her job at the factory after it burns down. Nothing in America seems to last but she hopes her mail order bride marriage to the handsome and wealthy Donald Jenks will. Donald’s letters from Ohio describe Isabella’s dream home, away from the city and he sounds as if he would be the perfect husband. But as her grandmother always said, trouble comes in threes and there is danger standing between her and her happy ever after with her true love. Tom, a Pinkerton agent, who is on the case of disappearing women, is traveling on the same train as Isabella when she is selected by white slavers to be the next female victim to be abducted. Will he save her in time? Will Isabella reach Ohio safely, marry Donald and have the happy ever after she has always dreamed of? And is Donald the man Isabella is meant to marry? Why would such a handsome and successful businessman have to send away for a mail order bride when he could have his pick of the young ladies near Yellow Springs, Ohio?


“Here in America nothing lasts.”

An informative, quick read. The author has written a tale of the Mail-Order Bride with a different twist that I have read before. Isabella travels to Ohio thinking that this is the beginning of her happy ever after. Turns out it Donald is not what he portrays but she makes the effort to put away the past and move into the future. But trouble comes in threes, as her grandmother always told her, and it soon finds her. Filled with suspense and romance. Plot includes how back in that time mail-order brides did face danger at many different levels. Vivid descriptions. Found exciting to read with unexpected surprises.





Debra Parmley spreads love, one story at a time. Fascinated by fairy tales and folktales ever since she was young, she has always ended her stories with a happy ever after. Damsel in distress stories are some of her favorites and you will find this theme in many of her stories. Her westerns have been described as gritty. Debra enjoys writing, reading, playing a medieval lady in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and world travel. Her work as a travel consultant gave her the opportunity to visit many countries and her luggage often carried home folk tales from the countries visited. Her three favorite things are dark chocolate, visiting the beach and ocean, and hearing from her readers. Each card, letter and email is a treasured gift, like finding a perfect shell upon the beach. For more information about Debra, please visit her website at You can also listen to her live Internet radio show “Book Lights” at 8:30pm EST on Tuesday evenings at where she interviews authors of fiction.




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