Book Review: Take You Home by T.J. Spade

Take You Home  by T.J. Spade

The Everett Files, Book 3

Publisher: MoshPit Publishing (December 12, 2016)


“Some things turned out the way they were supposed to.”


A fantastic continuation to The Everett Files series. I was immediately engaged from page one. The storyline, characters, suspense, and twists & turns are all written so that you’re absorbed in the story until the very end.

This is a continuing series and I recommend reading in order.


Caleb Everett is an artist, a psychic, a police consultant … a fugitive. For as long as he can remember Caleb has been able to see into the minds of murderers – he knows what makes them tick, and he knows what they’re planning … until now. This time around, Caleb doesn’t know who to trust – everyone has an agenda, and his father, Raymond Everett, is the spider at the center of a vast web of corruption and murder. With the help of a beautiful, but ruthless assassin, Raymond plans to send his son to Hell once and for all. Who can Caleb protect when no-one is safe?



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The Everett Files follows the character of Caleb Everett: artist, psychic, and police consultant. Caleb’s psychic ability allows him to see into the minds of murderers – he witnesses their crimes and he knows what they’re planning. Partnered with Homicide Detective Jack Rafferty, he now uses that same ability to catch them. Books 1, 2 and 3 are now available on all platforms! Further books are planned for the series.



T.J. Spade has two fascinations: Indiana Jones and the macabre. After trying to be Indy for a while and earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Archaeological Practice, T.J is now satisfying interest number two by plotting murder … on paper only of course.






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