Book Release: The Blue Veil by Diana Marik

The Blue Veil by Diana Marik

A Seven Deadly Veils novella

Published: Diana Marik (January 3, 2017)



Diana Marik’s newest release in the Seven Deadly Veils series is a novella which has Remare contacting Miranda for assistance in locating missing valuable art which they suspected was stolen from Valadon’s archives. The two characters have sizzling chemistry which is showcased as they work together to track down the painting before Valadon returns from out of town. The characters are edgy and intriguing. The plot is suspenseful and sexy. You feel the struggle between the two as they fight their attraction to each other. I’m drawn into this series and am fascinated by this world of Vampires/Wares/Elementals that Ms. Marik has created (and I’m not a fan of the vampire genre!).  I’m hooked to this addicting series. Eagerly waiting for book 2.

Continuing series. This novella follows book 1.



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