Book Review: Love & Hope (Anthology) Brenda Gayle, CJ Carmichael, Kayla Perrin


Love & Hope – Brenda Gayle, CJ Carmichael, and Kayla Perrin

An Anthology: Three stories about hope, healing, and the power of love.


My review is in honor of my friend Sheri who is once again battling stage 3 Ovarian Cancer for the second time.

Three short stories of finding love and hope after a relative has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The stories show ovarian cancer can hit at any age as the anthology covers 3 different age groups: a 21-year old college age student; a 54-year-old mother, and a 66-year old grandma. The main characters deal with the force of cancer in different ways; one is an over protective mother; another is a devoted and caring grandson, and the third is an angry, career-driven daughter. In each story, they confront their feelings and find love.  A good read for a great cause. Twice & Forever by Brenda Gayle has a recent widow having a hard time letting her college daughter go after her treatment for ovarian cancer. Her daughters boss encourages her to get on with her own life. Devoted to Her Cowboy by CJ Carmichael is my favorite of the anthology with a handsome, sexy cowboy coming home to find that his only relative has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. He wants to take over and offer her everything he can. Both his grandma and a childhood friend have him wanting to leave the rodeo circuit and return home. Her Angel by Kayla Perrin has a success chef dealing with the guilt, anger, and sadness after losing her mother to ovarian cancer. Having been disappointed in the men in her life, she is against finding love. A friend of her mother’s gets Tasia’s attention and might just be her mother’s last gift to her.

The proceeds from the sales of this anthology will be donated to Ovarian Cancer Canada.  Ovarian Cancer is deadliest of women’s cancer; referred to as the silent killer because it’s often discovered too late to be curable.

This project was initiated by LeeAnn Lessard of Lachesis Publishing.

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Twice and Forever by Brenda Gayle

Jill Bennett had her life planned out, and then everything changed. Soon after her husband’s sudden death from a heart attack two years ago, Jill’s daughter Rachel was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the very young age of 21. Widowed and scared, Jill threw herself into caring for her daughter 24/7. Now that Rachel is in remission, Jill is finding it hard to let go and give her some breathing room at home and at her new job working for a local vet named Grant Palmer. Grant has a knack for getting under Jill’s skin, especially where Rachel’s future is concerned. The last thing Jill has in mind is getting on with her own life. So why can’t she stop thinking about the handsome Dr. Palmer?

Devoted to Her Cowboy by C. J. Carmichael

When rodeo champion Blake Timber returns home as the star attraction of the Sheep River Rodeo Days he doesn’t expect to find his nerdy high school friend Shelby Turner looking so beautiful and so not nerdy. He also doesn’t expect to find his grandmother, frail and wearing a headscarf. When Grams reveals she has ovarian cancer, Blake is shocked. He’s thankful that Shelby, who works in his grandmother’s flower shop, has been there for her. But he wants to take over the reins and get his beloved Grams the best care money can buy. In spite of his best efforts, his well-intentioned plans are met with stubborn resistance from both women. Adding to his frustrations is his ex-girlfriend Kelli-Jo Calhoun, who is the Sheep River Days organizer. Unhappily married and with a son, she seems hell bent on roping him into something that could put everything he cares about at risk—especially his growing feelings for Shelby.

Her Angel by Kayla Perrin

Tasia Montgomery never thought she’d get “that” phone call from her mom. Stage four ovarian cancer. Tasia puts her job as a chef in a busy restaurant in Atlanta on hold, to go home to Miami to be there for her mother. When her mom passes away, Tasia is left with a huge burden of guilt, sadness, and loss. Now, she is tasked with the duty of packing everything up and selling the family home. She knows her mom didn’t want her to sell but what choice does she have? Her brother Andrew, who is living in Seattle with his wife and their baby, is as distant as can be. Just like their father, who up and left them when they were kids. But when Tasia meets Malcolm Robertson, the contractor her mom hired to renovate the house before she died, Tasia is drawn to him. Her mom treated him like a son and shared things with him that she never revealed to Tasia. Malcolm becomes a good friend to Tasia, but does she want something more with the handsome contractor? As Tasia, sorts through her mother’s belongings she makes a discovery about her mom that shocks her to her core, but will it make her see the truth of her own life or make her head back to Atlanta for good?

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