Talking to Children about Divorce – Jean McBride, MS. LMFT

Talking to Children about Divorce is a good resource for parents coping with the challenges of divorce and parenting. It gives pointers on having honest conversations about some of the different issues and emotions that arise prior, during, and after divorce proceedings. Shows it’s possible to get through divorce without shame, fear, blame, and anger. In this book you will be given ideas on how to help your child get through the emotions of divorce, sample dialogue of situations that commonly occur during divorce, teach ways to improve communication with both your ex-spouse as well as your children, and breaks down what to say and what to do based on different age groups. Some of the biggest outtakes I took from this book was choosing your words, watch your tone and body language and to keep your kids out of the middle. I feel most of the book would benefit those going thru a “cooperative” divorce. The book does gives suggestions for those going thru the “angry” and “distant” divorces. In an ideal world both parties will read and benefit from this book. I felt this book was easy to read and laid out well.  I have not had a personal experience of divorce. However, I am in the child care field and found this book helpful as some of my clients have gone thru divorce. Now I have a wonderful reference I can recommend if the need should arise. I think parents, family members, child care providers, and teachers could benefit from this book.

“I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.”



Marriage and family therapist Jean McBride has helped over 20,000 families navigate divorce. Now she shares her expertise with an in-depth guide to discussing divorce with your kids so you can support your child’s adjustment throughout the entire divorce process.

In Talking to Children About Divorce, Jean McBride provides you with the tools and encouragement to effectively communicate with your child about divorce. McBride brings her more than twenty-five years of specializing in divorce to guide you through crucial but difficult conversations and cultivate an environment of love and support throughout the divorce process. You’ll learn how to have honest conversations about different situations and emotions that may arise during divorce―from breaking the news to understanding resistance.

Whether you’re beginning the divorce process, or have been working through it for a while, Talking to Children About Divorce offers practical advice that will contribute positively to your child’s emotional wellbeing.

Learn to initiate open communication, with:

  • Concrete actions to help your children weather the emotions of divorce.
  • Useful scripts to guide you through a variety of situations throughout the divorce process.
  • Simple steps to improve communication, both with your former spouse and with your children.
  • 10 tips to maintain co-parenting success and promote healthy, happy, well-adjusted children.


Jean McBride is a licensed private practice marriage and family therapist in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has worked with families dealing with divorce and remarriage for over 25 years. She is the president of Divorce Transitions, where she has developed curriculum and taught court-ordered parenting classes to over 20,000 divorcing parents. She is the author of Encouraging Words for New Stepmothers and the online course Are You Ready to Remarry?

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