OUT OF THE ASHES – EMILIE RICHARDS (Tales of the Pacific, book 4)

The final book in the Tales of the Pacific series, Out of the Ashes, features writer Alexis Whitham (mother of Jody who we met in book 1, Glowing Embers) and ranger Matthew Haley. Both guard their privacy and both are wounded souls. She has been running from an abusive ex-husband and he has not been able to grieve the loss of his wife and son and has shut down. Richards writes flowingly and with descriptive flair. You feel you know the characters as well as the environment. With the Tales of the Pacific series I have been able to escape to a part of world I’m not familiar with and envision it as if I’m there. Each book of the series deals with personal tragedy and the courage required to take their life back into their own hands. Bonus for fans of the series – previous characters from each of the previous 3 books make an appearance.

“And out of the ashes of her past Matthew had fanned her passion into flames once more.”

Originally published in late 1980’s, the series has been reissued in ebook format.  This is the fourth and final book of Tales of the Pacific series.

Book 1: Glowing Embers (Granger and Julianna)

Book 2: Smoke Screen (Paige and Adam)

Book 3: Rainbow Fire (Dillon and Kelsey)

Book 4: Out of the Ashes (Alexis and Matthew)



For Alexis Whitham, Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia seems like the perfect place to escape with Jody, her daughter, and begin a new life free from the escalating abuse of her ex-husband. In their new hideaway she can write, and Jody, an adaptable gifted child, can find friends and grow up in safety.

For Matthew Haley, the remote destination is a place to hide, as well. A ranger at Flinders Chase park at the farthest reaches of the island, he can live in solitude and avoid confronting the pain of his past.

Then his new American neighbor brings him an injured koala, and Matthew finds that no matter how much he wants to, he can’t escape Alexis or her enchanting nine-year-old daughter.

But while Matthew may find a way to put his past to rest, Alexis’s may yet come back to haunt her.

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