Lisa Reigel – Reviewer and Owner of Comfy Chair Books

I am a wife, mother, friend, child care provider, and avid reader.

I love to read and read almost anything. My favorite genres are contemporary romance and romantic suspense. I recently discovered historical romance again and am finding myself enjoying them also.

Being laid up from a back injury for months, I began to read. I read a lot. I found myself on Facebook more than I should have been. “Talking” with authors via social media, I learned the importance of leaving reviews. So since I was writing reviews, I figured I could create a blog to document the books I have read and the reviews that I spend quite a bit of time writing. I’m not a great writer, I have poor grammar, and thank goodness for spellcheck. This blog is just a fun place for me to discuss books I’ve read, to talk about and to promote books and their authors, and interact with others that have the same interest as I do.

As a child I read a lot. I loved Nancy Drew and Little House on the Prairie. As a teen and young adult I starting collecting Nancy Drew books from antique stores. I have really old ones and new to me ones from the 1970’s (the yellow covers). I believe I have the complete series of Little House.  The first “huge” book I read in my late teens was Gone with the Wind. One of my favorite book memories centers around Mommie Dearest by Christina Crawford about her life with actress Joan Crawford. In one screen Joan comes charging into Christina’s room late at night yelling about her using wire hangers. My mother had read the book and I read it after her. One night after I had fallen asleep, my mother came charging in with a wire hanger. Scared the crap out of me at the time but after I woke up a bit, I found it hysterical. My mother has been lovingly called “Mommie Dearest” ever since.


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    1. Thanks so much Paul! Gotta admit, I get frustrated trying to figure it out. I’m good with posting a blog post, but the other stuff – takes a lot time to figure out so far. Once I get it, great, but when I have to go back and do it for something else, I don’t remember how I did it haha. The teachers on here seem very responsive so far. Good Luck! I wasn’t able to pull up your blog, but will give it another try this evening after work.

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  1. Oh, I adored the Nancy Drew books growing up! I couldn’t wait each week to finish my book, take a test on it, and get the next one at the school library! Every once in a while I would have to go to the public library to get the next one in the series but the school didn’t have it.

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