Book Review: She’s the Boss by Reina Tor

She’s the Boss by Reina Torres

Girls on Top series

March 17, 2022



It takes a strong man to love a good woman.

It takes an even stronger man to love a good woman at the top of a male dominated field.

These women aren’t the norm, they’ve made their mark in a man’s world and shattered the glass ceiling.

Graciella May, ‘Gracie’ to everyone around her, is finally the BOSS.

She bought a failing bar in the middle of a street known for testosterone laden bar concepts in a thriving neighborhood of Center City. The other bar owners didn’t know what to think when she renamed the place ‘Girl Crush’ and made it a place where women could go and have fun without worrying about predators and creeps. Everyone expected her to fail.

Well, almost everyone.

Ian McLean just took over his family’s bar and knew exactly how hard things were going to be for a brand-new bar owner. Beyond that, Gracie had the extra pressure of a bunch of bar owners who wanted her to fail because she was a woman. He wasn’t one of those guys.

In fact, he had a girl crush of his own. He might own his own bar, but when it comes to the gorgeous woman who works next door and his heart? She’s the Boss.



This book is a short story that builds up the romance and is fun to read. It’s an insta love romance story which took under an hour to read. Good build up to the relationship.  Very short story but a complete read. You don’t get the background details and the story doesn’t go into much depth but I found it satisfying and enjoyable.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (March 20, 2022)


Who would have thought that I’d start off as a painfully shy child writing stories and end up as a painfully shy adult writing books and publishing them for others to read? Crazy? That’s me!!

When I was a little girl, I read every book I could get my hands on and if I didn’t have one available to read, I’d get out my pencils and paper and write down stories and scenes. Waiting for my mom to finish working, I’d duck into the ladies’ breakroom and use the typewriter. I’d feel like Jessica Fletcher, happily tap, tap, tapping away until I got to ‘The End.’ Couldn’t quite get the flourish after that and end up tearing the paper, but it was cool and scary to sit down and read the book or give it to my friends to read.

Now my ‘typewriter’ doesn’t clack the same way and the I don’t even have paper to pull out of it with a nod of satisfaction, but I have the joy and excitement of sharing my characters and books with people all around the world!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my books, because I’m going to keep writing as long as the characters are feeling chatty!

Reina Torres – Romance… Night & Day – Official Website for this Romance Author


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