New Release: Dad: A Novel by Steven Manchester

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Dad: A Novel by Steven Manchester

The Story Plant: September 14, 2021




Generational perspectives on being a dad that benefits everyone.

This novel follows three generations of men and what can be learned from each of them. It’s a story of love, mistakes, miscommunications, forgiveness, and growth. It’s a story all of us can relate to. Written with deep emotion, which is the authors trademark in my opinion, it is very insightful and full of parental wisdom. I’ve read plenty of novels with generations of women. Dads is generational novel about men and it’s brilliant! Their journey is multi-layered and filled with all the emotions as son, dad, and grandfather deal with multiple challenges that almost all of us experience at some point in life. All can benefit from this novel – young, old, male and female. Well done!

“Our job as dads is to raise our…

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