Book Review w/Excerpt: Scorned by Azaaa Davis



Scorned by Azaaa Davis

A Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance

Never Marry a Shifter, Book 2

Camp-Davis Productions (February 23, 2021)

Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance/Black & African American Fantasy Fiction


She’s the only one that can stop her cursed husband’s murderous rampage. 

Theresa lived a planned and pampered life that left her unprepared for the dark secrets and brutal people surrounding her new husband. Trapped in the form of a white wolf, the handsome Dr. James Patrick is in danger of dying, crazed and alone, or turning into something even shifters fear, a rogue alpha. 

Theresa is bound to the unruly and vicious wolf pack James has tried to distance himself from in more ways than one. Theresa must stop relying on her looks and start using her mind. Can a human female that is best known for her beauty tips somehow save her cursed husband before he kills … again? 

Start reading this steamy and suspenseful paranormal romance novella today! 

NOTE:  This is part 2. You need to read book 1 – Jilted first.






“Where the hell is James?”

This quick read (just over 100 pages) is the continuation of book 1, Jilted. Theresa, the social media glamorous, flirty, city girl has been abandoned by her new husband and is now feeling helpless, alone, and rejected. Interesting to watch her come to terms with her new life. Scorned has steamy romance, danger, and shifters set in current time. I enjoyed Jilted far more than Scorned, but still a good story with a satisfying conclusion.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books (March 2, 2021)


Never Marry a Shifter duology: 

Never Marry a Shifter duology is a wolf shifter paranormal romance story told in two parts; each one a steamy and satisfying novella. Enjoy these memorable characters in a contemporary fantasy world filled with magic, suspense, romance, and danger by internationally bestselling author Azaaa Davis.

Book #1: Jilted 
Book #2: Scorned 


1lvmqqbgsdmjr7cs4hcl6f1641._SY200_Azaaa Davis is an International Bestselling American author of urban fantasy & paranormal romance novels.

She fell in love with reading as a high school freshman and continues to read, write, and draw today. Her background in social work helps her portray realistic characters in otherworldly—and sometimes terrifying—situations. A New York native, Azaaa currently lives in New Hampshire (USA) with her husband and daughters.

Azaaa is working diligently to finish writing more fantasy novels while raising her daughters. Thank you for showing an interest in her stories!

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My picture-perfect world shifted irrevocably.

In the form of an oversized arctic wolf, my new husband glared at me with eyes that glowed in the dark. He bared his fangs, perfectly shaped for shredding flesh and muscle. His piercing growl made me shiver, goosebumps sprouted along my exposed arms and legs. At the exact moment when my joy from rescuing him transformed into fear, my husband ran away from me. The white wolf fled at the unwanted sight of me, and the growing hostility of his mutinous pack. Left to fend for myself while trapped in the arms of Ward, another wolf shifter, I took the easy way out.

I fainted. It’s not as easy as someone might imagine. Feigning a fainting spell takes a little planning and a lot of effort. The soft groan, sudden fall, whispered prayer that I suffered minimal bodily harm, and concentration needed to stay relaxed with my eyes closed. I could only hope I wouldn’t hit the earth face first.

Ward’s muscular arms effortlessly encircled me. One hand under my hip and the other cupping a healthy dose of sideboob, he swiftly turned my body until he could comfortably lift me up.

The moment before, when I faced the white wolf, felt overwhelming. This moment, being held bridal style by the handsome and dangerous Ward, felt shockingly familiar. I’ve known him for less than forty-eight hours, and yet our intimate moments were quickly adding up.

My head rested against his broad chest. My arms were curled up in between us. The transportation and warmth he provided without discussion seemed to be exactly what I needed. I didn’t feel safe. I knew I wasn’t. And yet, what started out as imitation became reality. I drifted off to sleep as he carried me away from the worst moment of my life.

My foggy brain allowed me to mumble one thought out loud before I passed out.

“He left me.”

2021 Azaaa Davis

Excerpt from Scorned by Azaaa Davis,


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