Book Review: Bayou Legend by Riley McKissack

Bayou Legend by Riley McKissack

Southern Nights (September 20, 2020)

Romantic Suspense


Lexi Martin doesn’t believe in legends or curses. But someone does. And she is their target. When Lexi Martin enters the backwaters of Southern Louisiana it’s as if she’s entered another world, another time.

When Lexi Martin ventures deep into the bayou, into Cajun Country, she discovers that an ancient legend may have more power than her modern mind can accept.
A powerful and instantaneous attraction between Lexi and Mike Dubois may be the distraction that leads to death. Lexi pushed down the impulse to lean into him, to feel his arms around her, to feel safe. And something else. But, there wasn’t time for anything besides staying alive and solving the puzzle of the legend.
An instant connection to Mike Dubois feels as if they’ve been reunited. Have they lived several lifetimes? Torn apart by a legendary curse?

Can they beat the curse this time, beat those who believe in the legend? Will Lexi and Mike even survive?





“Return of The Midwife”

An interesting story of cursed love and star-crossed lovers. Lexi and Mike are instantly attracted to each other with a sense of a previous lifetime. The first chapter starts the action and mystery off to a good start and continues throughout the story. The Cajun legend adds an interesting layer to story as the couple race to figure out and solve the puzzle.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (October 22, 2020)



Riley McKissack is an award winning journalist. Cornered gunmen, cop killers, a bomb going off in a domestic terrorism incident, Riley’s covered it all.

Riley spent years chasing stories involving every type of bad guy and cop imaginable, including FBI, Homeland Security, homicide detectives and arson investigators.

Riley sponged up the drama, tension and danger on SWAT operations, hostage negotiations, drug busts and countless other dangerous situations.

That passion and drama spills out onto the pages of Riley’s  novels, along with the personal stories behind the men and women who stand between danger and the people they love.


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