Series Highlight: Krish by N J Bhogayta

Krish is a great new dark romance series by N J Bhogayta.

It’s an enemies to lovers story set in London.

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IMG-20200603-WA0003 (1)

Krish by N J Bhogayta

Book 1

October 4, 2018

Contemporary Romance/Dark Romance/Enemies to Lovers



“A dark and seductive love story, Krish weaves revenge with romance in a hypnotic waltz.”

When Nicole Hill lands a new client, the captivating yet disturbing Raphael De’Angelo, her life takes a dangerous turn. In the blink of an eye, he destroys everything Nicole holds dear.

Nicole refuses to go down without a fight and vows to make De’Angelo pay. However, De’Angelo is far more powerful than Nicole imagines.

The more Nicole craves revenge, the closer she draws to the deceptive De’Angelo, and the more peril she courts. Soon it may become impossible to escape De’Angelo’s irresistibly seductive web…

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Before Krish

Book 2

June 8, 2020

Before Krish ebook cover



“I’d believed Raphael and I were duelling with each other. In truth, we were only fighting ourselves, against forbidden feelings that rendered us vulnerable and weak.”

Nicole Hill did not expect to fall in love with her nemesis, Raphael De’Angelo. But she cannot deny her feelings or hide them from him.
Loving Raphael comes at a steep price. He harbours a dark family secret from his childhood which could destroy their daring relationship.
When a handsome stranger enters Nicole’s life, Raphael’s terrible past returns to haunt them, threatening all that is near and dear to Raphael. Soon, they realise it is only the beginning of their troubles…



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