Release Blitz with Review: Dinosaurs! by George Blasing


Dinosaurs! By “Dinosaur George” Blasing

My First Book About Carnivores

Rockridge Press (June 2, 2020)

Children’s Books/Dinosaurs


Dig into the world of dinosaurs―meet the meat-eating carnivores!

Did you know a Tyrannosaurus rex had an infectious bite? Or that the Guanlong could regrow its teeth like sharks do today? Dinosaurs were some of the most fascinating animals to ever walk the Earth―and some of the coolest dinos around were meat-eaters! From the massively long and tall Spinosaurus to the five-fingered, night-hunting Eoraptor, Dinosaurs! My First Book About Carnivores gets up close and personal with the clawed carnivores of the Mesozoic Era. Packed with amazing dinosaur facts and awesome illustrations, this book will uncover everything there is to know about these prehistoric predators.

Dinosaurs! My First Book About Carnivores includes:

  • Paleontology profiles―Explore the exciting lives of 30 fierce carnivores with easy-to-follow profiles featuring their sizes, where they lived, their favorite foods, and more!
  • Colorful carnivores―Full-color illustrations of these smart predators in their natural habitats take you back millions of years to the age of the dinosaurs.
  • Dino-mite facts―Did you know a Utahraptoris the official dinosaur of Utah? Dozens of interesting facts show what made these carnivores unique and how their features helped them hunt for prey.

Set your time machine to the Mesozoic Era and walk alongside the carnivores with Dinosaurs!





Dinosaurs! My First Book About Carnivores is packed with amazing dinosaur facts and awesome illustrations. Includes the dinosaurs profiles (length, height, weight, when it existed, where it existed, what it ate, and a size comparison) wonderful full-page illustrations, pronunciation, and interesting facts. Dinosaurs are sorted into the three different time periods (Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous). A glossary is included.  Very easy to understand and not overwhelming. This is one of the best dinosaur books I’ve read. A keeper for sure!

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books (May 22, 2020)

ARC provided by Publisher via Callisto Publishing Club





George Blasing (Dinosaur George) is a self-taught paleontologist who has studied and excavated dinosaurs, and other prehistoric life, for more than 35 years. He is a public speaker, author and television writer. He also owns a traveling fossil museum that brings the prehistoric world to young people and adults across the country.

In 2007, he co-created, wrote and hosted a 12 part television series for the History Channel called Jurassic Fight Club. The series was shown in more than 25 countries and was seen by over 30 million viewers. Although he enjoyed working for the History Channel, his true passion is teaching children. Since 1997 “Dinosaur George” has performed live to over 4 million students and adults throughout the United State and Canada, and has appear in over 5000 schools, museums and public events.

Dinosaur George is also an animal behaviorist; studying modern animals and comparing their behavior to animals of the past. And in his spare time, he hosts a podcast and social media pages, dedicated to children.

He was born in Colorado but moved to Texas at an early age. He grew up on a farm near San Antonio Texas and loves the outdoors. When he’s not digging dinosaurs, hosting a podcast or traveling with his museum, George enjoys camping hiking and being outdoors with nature.



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