Book Review: One-Pot Vegan Cookbook by Gunjan Dudani


One-Pot Vegan Cookbook by Gunjan Dudani

125 Recipes for your Dutch Oven, Sheet Pan, Electric Pressure Cooker, and more

Rockridge Press (May 19, 2020)

Vegan Cooking


Easy vegan meals―the one-pot way

Making delicious and satisfying vegan meals at home just got easier. Thanks to the One-Pot Vegan Cookbook, you can whip up crowd-pleasing plant-based favorites with just one pot, pan, or appliance. This means less time in the kitchen, no extra dishes, and super-fast cleanup.

From comfort food classics to veggies, snacks, and sauces, these dishes are simple to prepare; made with accessible, familiar ingredients; and so tasty your whole family will clamor for more.

The One-Pot Vegan Cookbook offers:

  • One-pot, no limits―These recipes can be made in just one vessel, including a skillet, a stockpot, a Dutch oven, a sheet pan, an electric pressure cooker, a slow cooker, or an air fryer. Choose the ones that work for you!
  • Better for you―These one-pot vegan options are naturally healthy with wholesome ingredients―along with a selection of indulgent favorites, too (think pancakes and fudge).
  • 125 Delicious recipes―Enjoy fun and flavorful plant-based eating, with a range of mouthwatering recipes including vegan twists on classic dishes.

See for yourself how eating vegan is faster, easier, and offers more variety than ever before.




This cookbook is full of delicious, healthy, and easy meals cooked in one pot; be it a skillet, stockpot, Dutch oven, sheet pan, electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, or an air fryer. Most recipes have familiar ingredients; there were a few that had an ingredient I’ve never heard of, but I’m new to vegan cooking, so it very well be a common ingredient.  Most of the ingredients are basics that you may very well already have in your pantry (there were quite a few recipes that I could cook right off the bat without making a grocery run). All recipes are easy to follow, include the nutritional calculations, and most offer a cooking tip, variation tip, or a serving suggestion. A good addition to my cookbook collection. I found many recipes to try.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books (May 18, 2020)

ARC provided by Publisher via Callisto Publishing Club




Gunjan Dudani is the founder of, a blog dedicated to healthy vegan cooking. Her passion is whipping up vegan recipes that are comforting, healthy, easy to make, and, of course, delicious. Her recipes have been featured in Taste of Home, BuzzFeed, Greatist, and Huffington Post.



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