Book Review: Me and My Feelings by Vanessa Green Allen, Med, NBCT


Me and My Feelings by Vanessa Green Allen, Med, NBCT

Rockridge Press (October 1, 2019)

Ideal age: 7-10 years

Childrens/Emotions & Feelings/Self-Help


When a big feeling comes along…you can handle it!

Sometimes, emotions like anger or jealousy or excitement can seem too big to keep inside. Me and My Feelings is here to tell you: It’s okay to have big feelings. And the good news is, you can calm down those strong emotions—so you won’t feel like you’re going to explode!

This book shows you how to stay in control—by breathing deeply, saying positive things to yourself, talking about your feelings, and more. You’ll learn to deal with all kind of feelings, including the hard ones like sadness, anxiety, or even fear.

Inside Me and My Feelings, you’ll find:

  • Everyone has emotions—When you understand your own emotions and feelings, you can also be understanding of other people’s—like your family and friends.
  • Ideas that help—This book is packed with ways to help you handle your feelings. Try out the exercises to see which tips and tricks work best for you!
  • Quizzes and activities—Get to know yourself with quizzes like “Do My Emotions Rule Me?,” along with other fun exercises and activities especially for kids ages 7-10.

With Me and My Feelings, the next time your big feelings get too big—you’ll know just what to do!







Me and My Feelings is a good book to help children learn and understand their feelings, emotions, and how to express them in healthy ways. Eye-catching illustrations with easy to read font. The interactive activities will keep the child engaged as they learn. Good for kids, parents, schools, and anyone who interacts with children.

ARC provided by publisher/via Callisto Publishing Club

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (September 18, 2019)



AllenVANESSA GREEN ALLEN is a professional school counselor living in Raleigh, North Carolina. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education from North Carolina Central University and her Master of Education degree in counseling from North Carolina State University.

Vanessa is a former second-grade teacher, and she has worked for the Wake County Public School System since 1991. She is a 2009 National Board Certified teacher in the area of school counseling. Vanessa is also the creator and voice of, where she shares ideas and resources with school counselors across the globe.



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