Book Review: The Funny Foods Best Friends by Janiece E. Adams


The Funny Foods Best Friends by Janiece E. Adams

February 6, 2019

25 pages

Children’s Book



Peppsie the Pizza is losing all hope of ever finding a friend. He goes out and searches, but can’t find anyone to be his friend. Will Peppsie the Pizza ever figure out how to make a friend?





An enjoyable children’s book about the struggle of finding friends. Young children will enjoy the drawings. Kudos to this young author – good job on your book debut

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (March 4, 2019)



Janiece E. Adams writes fictional fun books to make kids smile and feel good about themselves. She started writing and illustrating at an early age and hopes to continue to write fun stories about friends, even if they spread their sauce everywhere. She will continue to write these stories and hopefully publish more. Janiece is an illustrator for her mother’s children’s books. She loves to read and every time she goes to the library she gets out more books than she can handle. Going to the library inspired her to write her own books. One time she was drawing the funny food characters and her mom came over and said, “You should put those characters in a book,” so she did! Happy Reading!




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