Book Review: Wilder: The Lost Billionaires by Allison LaFleur

Wilder: The Lost Billionaires by Allison LaFleur

A Short Christmas Story

December 12, 2018

57 pages

Contemporary Romance/Short Reads/Holiday Romance-Christmas



Mob assassin or drug kingpin? Reclusive billionaire Wilder Clark is an enigma to his hometown. Hiding himself away in a remote cabin with his dog Max, this Christmas will be spent like any other–alone and buried in his work.

Eccentric artist Nora Martinez is late to Christmas dinner with her family, and extreme winter weather conditions aren’t helping. Nursing her jalopy along is always a challenge, but icy roads and whiteout conditions make the difficult potentially deadly.

When a freak snowstorm sends Nora crashing into Wilder’s life, will sparks fly or is this billionaire hiding a dangerous secret?

Download today to find out how these two souls survive Christmas together!





A short Christmas romance read. Former high school classmates spend a snowstorm together after she crashes near his cabin. This is a very quick read that took me about 30 minutes to read. It doesn’t get too much into depth of the characters but will give you a nice HEA.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel January 6, 2019



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