Book Review: Gut Health Diet for Beginners by Kitty Martone

Gut Health Diet for Beginners by Kitty Martone

A 7-Day Plan to Heal Your Gut & Boost Digestive Health

Rockridge Press (November 27, 2018)


Reset your gut and boost digestive health in 7-days with a clear meal plan, guidance, and recipes from the Gut Health Diet for Beginners.

Gut health is essential to whole body health. Offering the quickest plan to cleanse your microbiome, Gut Health Diet for Beginners kick-starts your gut healthy diet to promote digestive health and healing in 7-days.

From day one, this general gut health diet eliminates the guesswork of starting a new eating regimen with useful guidance, shopping lists, and preparation guides. With a clear meal plan―featuring 75 easy, 5-ingredient recipes that you can choose from―Gut Health Diet for Beginners is a fast and effective solution to find out if your body would benefit from following a gut healthy diet.

Gut Health Diet for Beginners includes:

  • Gut health 101 that explains how gut health affects your overall health, and outlines foods to enjoy and avoid to maximize results.
  • 7-day meal plan that includes 75 clean and easy, 5-ingredient recipes with shopping lists and prep guides for every week.
  • 5-steps for success that eliminate the stress of starting a new diet by guiding you through kitchen and pantry prep, meal prep and planning, symptom tracking, plus healthy habits to pursue alongside the diet.
  • A guide for next steps that helps you select the best diet for your gut health once you’ve completed the 7-day diet.

Whether you decide to continue a general gut health diet or commit to GAPS, AIP, or a low-FODMAP diet, Gut Health Diet for Beginners is your introduction to a lifetime of gut healthy eating.





List of foods to enjoy, foods to avoid, foods to eat in moderation. Gives you the must haves to set up your kitchen to help in your success, as well as pantry basics to stock. A seven-day diet/meal plan to heal your gut. Honestly, there wasn’t a lot of recipes listed that I would eat, but I am a very picky eater and allergies prevent me from eating some of the ingredients. The recipes are broken down into 6 categories (Breakfast, Smoothies, & Drinks; Vegetables & Salads; Seafood and Meatless Mains; Meat & Poultry Mains; Snacks & Desserts; and Kitchen Staples. The recipes do not require a lot of ingredients and directions are easy to follow.

ARC provided by Callisto Publishing Club

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (November 25, 2018)


About the Author

KITTY MARTONE is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritional Counselor, and chef. Kitty offers guidance and resources on health, wellness, and the ever-changing world of the human microbiome through her podcast “Stuff Your Doctor Should Know” and her website



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