Book Review: Falls Ende: Courser by Paul Feenstra

Falls Ende: Courser by Paul Feenstra

Falls Ende Series, Book 2

Mellester Press (March 17, 2018)

Historical/Medieval/Historical Fiction




Fans of acclaimed authors Bernard Cornwell and Ken Follett will love the rich, character-driven medieval ‘Falls Ende’ series. Just when life for Herdsman Odo Read and his betrothed, Charlotte, is returning to normal, the inconceivable happens.

Set during the tumultuous reign of King Henry II in feudal England, the quiet and peace of Mellester Manor is shattered by the discovery of a senseless, brutal double murder at Falls Ende. Odo’s life is thrown into upheaval as he searches desperately for what he holds dear. Ignoring the warnings of Mellester’s new reeve, his own life is suddenly in peril when he is hunted by a sadistic knight intent on revenge. For Odo, it’s either leap or die even though the cold depths of ‘Falls Ende’ can only lead to dishonour and death.

Sir Gweir, Mellester Manor’s inexperienced and new lord, faces his own challenges and risks upsetting King Henry II. Can he help Odo and Charlotte and provide justice, or will his own life be at risk?

‘Falls Ende – Courser’ seamlessly continues on from book one, ‘Falls Ende – The Oath’ and should be read in sequence.




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“We’ll make a knight out of you yet”

Falls Ende:  Courser is a well written, fast paced, compelling read. Medieval is not my go to genre, but Paul Feenstra has written such a compelling story centered around the simple herdsman that I’m drawn to this series. Odo is content to live a simple life but he receives more than his share of bad fortune usually at the hands of the powerful and corrupt. He survives using his brains, resources, guts, and his honest word. This also gains him respect from knights, sergeants, and lords. A nice touch to this story is the special bond between Odo and a courser. Paul Feenstra’s writing style draws me in with each book he writes and keeps me fascinated. I recommend starting with the prequel, Falls Ende: The Oath.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (August 1, 2018)



Paul FeenstraPaul W. Feenstra is a historical fiction novelist. He has authored four novels, Boundary, The Breath of God, For Want of a Shilling, and Tied to Mae. He is currently writing his fifth ‘Into the Shade’.

Meticulously researched, and set in beautiful and mysterious New Zealand, Paul’s novels frequently detail early colonial life, and the impact colonialism had on native Maori. Says Feenstra, “History is about the untold story, and writing historical fiction is a wonderful way to present the past in a compelling and entertaining way.”

Born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1959, to Dutch immigrants, Paul still commutes frequently to Los Angeles, California, where he worked as a multiple ‘Emmy’ nominated entertainment industry professional. For over 25 years he called the USA home and was fortunate to travel extensively throughout the country. His two grown children still reside in Los Angeles.

Sought after as a public speaker by various learning institutions, professional member networks, and countless organisations, Paul has toured the length of New Zealand lecturing about his unique experiences in the Hollywood film and television industry. Recognised for his contribution in helping his country, Paul was honoured by the New Zealand government and invited to join the prestigious, ‘World Class New Zealand,’ network.

In his spare time he enjoys photography and wrestling bears.



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