Book Review: Solomon’s Choice 1: To Die For by Riley McKissack

Solomon’s Choice 1: To Die For by Riley McKissack

Book 1 of 2

July 9, 2018

Mystery & Suspense/Women’s Sleuths



A child goes missing in the suburbs of Atlanta. The circumstances are eerily reminiscent of the disappearance of a child belonging to Detective Emma Reeves and her husband Hunter, a local reporter.
Are the cases of the missing children connected? Is there a possibility that Emma and Hunter’s child is still alive? If they find the latest missing child, will that lead to their child who is believed dead?

From the Author:

Solomon’s Choice is a new, two-part book subgroup in the Men of the Badge Series. Solomon’s Choice- Book one – To Die For. Book Two Solomon’s Choice – Hearts for Sale. Both feature Mick from the first book in the series Targeted to Kill.
I hope you enjoy these new books in the Men of the Badge series. As always, they can be read separately from the other books. But, in this case, you should definitely read Book One, To Die For, first.
Then read Book Two – Hearts for Sale to conclude Emma and Hunter’s story.






This is a new release from Riley McKissack in the Men of the Badge series.  Detective Emma and her estranged husband, reporter Hunter team up for a missing child case that has connecting factors to their own missing child case.  The emotions come off the page as Riley McKissack describes them. A well-written mystery that keeps you engrossed to the end. This is a two-part story though Book 1 solves one case but book 2 continues as they wrap up the case and search & hope to find their own missing child.

Reviewed by Comfy Chair Books/Lisa Reigel (July 26, 2018)



Riley McKissack has worked for many years as a journalist. Cornered gunmen, cop killers, a bomb going off in a domestic terrorism incident, Riley has covered it all. Riley has spent years chasing stories involving every type of bad guy and cop imaginable, including FBI, Homeland Security, homicide detectives and arson investigators. Riley sponged up the drama, tension and danger on SWAT operations, hostage negotiations, drug busts and countless other dangerous situations.

That passion and drama spills out onto the pages of Riley’s novels, along with the personal stories behind the men and women who stand between danger and the people they love.

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