Release Blitz w/Review: Always, Stone by Nan O’Berry

Always, Stone by Nan O’Berry

Three Rivers Station Series, Book 4

March 14, 2018

Historical Fiction/Western/Sweet Western Historical Romance



The Express took men and rode them hard across the West. That adventuring spirit belonged to the men, full of life, ready for whatever met them on the trail, everything, except for love. Stone Brown thinks he’s a man who can avoid the snares of matrimony, however Charity Mitchell mystifies him. She stepped up and helped Wyeth and holds a secret that keeps her bound at the Crystal Dawn. He’d love to figure it out. But, before he can, duty calls and he finds himself sent to Fort Valor with a mysterious letter for new major in command. There he learns that all is not well on the plains. Could a hostile uprising spell doom for the Pony Express? Charity Mitchell’s heart longs for a man and home of her own, but she owes Laiden McMasters for saving her life and taking her in. Traveling with a gambler, she has knowledge of Pierson’s troubled past and her allegiance to the Pony Express puts her in a world of trouble. If she has the courage to tell Stone what she knows, maybe he can protect her from the stage owner’s wrath? Her heart wants to be with Stone, but how can she overcome her past without placing him in further danger? In her heart, Charity already knows, it is, Always, Stone.





Trouble is brewing along the frontier

Charity is a saloon girl which has given her a reputation that is frown upon some of the locals but is warmly welcomed by others. She chooses to conduct herself as a lady and is a very caring young woman. She is on her way to redemption and starting over in a new career. Stone is a rider for the pony express and is dependable, hard worker, and protective. The express riders route is becoming more dangerous as trouble is brewing between the Indians and the ranchers. A sense of unease and a threat of an uprising is in the air. This is a sweet series and I look forward to each addition. Former riders and their wives all make appearances. Levi Hawkins who runs the Pony Express and his wife Olivia Hawkins are wonderful parental figures to the riders and ensure their safety & health. I would’ve like to see more focus of the main couple together. Always, Stone leaves you with the sense of upcoming danger to the pony express and changes to the town. A hint of a romance blooming between young Anna and rider Brett. Overall an enjoyable read and good addition to the series.


The Three Rivers Express Series is a set of Sweet Western Historical Romance which will be written alternately by Reina Torres and Nan O’Berry Starting with the Spring of 1860 when the Pony Express began their service of mail delivery between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California, each of the Three Rivers Express books will take on a new season and a different rider.

Spring 1860 – “Always, Ransom” by: Reina Torres

Summer 1860 – “Always, Clay” by: Nan O’Berry

Fall 1860 – “Always, Wyeth” by: Reina Torres

Winter 1860 – “Always, Stone” by: Nan O’Berry

Spring 1861 – “Always, Ellis” by: Reina Torres

Summer 1861 – “Always, Brett” by: Nan O’Berry

Ride the trails with our intrepid heroes and heartwarming heroines of the town of Three Rivers, Wyoming.


nan Home is where the heart lies. Nan O’Berry grew up listening to stories at her grandparents’ feet. So, it’s not surprising that her love of a good story pushed her to begin writing her own tales for enjoyment. As these grew she shared her historical perspectives about the heroes of her imagination, cowboys, lumberjacks, and the country they founded. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Degree from Old Dominion University, Mrs. O’Berry loves finding those interesting facts that might lead to a good story. So pull up a chair and grab that glass of sweet tea and enjoy.






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